Sofia Vergara Opens Up About Skincare and Plastic Surgery Rumors

27 November 2023

The Modern Family actress discusses her suncare line, beauty routine, and addresses the plastic surgery speculation.

Actress Sofia Vergara, best known for her role in the hit TV show Modern Family, recently sat down with Glamour to discuss her skincare routine and address the persistent rumors surrounding her alleged plastic surgery. In the interview, Vergara opens up about her suncare line, shares her favorite beauty products, and candidly responds to the criticism she receives on social media. As she prepares for her upcoming role in the Netflix series Griselda, the 51-year-old actress remains unapologetically herself, embracing the natural process of aging.

Skincare and the Launch of toty

Vergara’s passion for skincare led her to create her own suncare line, toty. In the interview, she talks about the importance of protecting her skin from the sun and how her line aims to provide high-quality products that cater to different skin types. Vergara emphasizes the significance of sunscreen and shares her personal favorite from her collection, highlighting its lightweight formula and broad-spectrum protection.

Beauty Routine and Aging Gracefully

When asked about her beauty routine, Vergara reveals that she relies on a combination of treatments and products to maintain her radiant complexion. She mentions microneedling as one of her go-to skincare treatments, explaining how it helps stimulate collagen production and improve the overall texture of her skin. Additionally, she admits to occasionally using Botox to address fine lines and wrinkles. However, Vergara firmly asserts that plastic surgery rumors are unfounded, stating that any changes in her appearance are simply a result of the natural aging process.

Dealing with Negative Comments and Trolls

Despite her immense popularity, Vergara acknowledges that negative comments and trolls are an unfortunate part of being in the public eye. She admits to avoiding reading comments but occasionally comes across hurtful remarks about her appearance. Instead of letting them affect her, Vergara dismisses these comments as the result of jealousy or insecurity. She reveals her desire to respond to the critics by highlighting the reality of aging and the inevitability of looking different over time.


Fan Support and Modern Family Reunion

Vergara’s loyal fan base, with over 31.9 million followers on Instagram, overwhelmingly supports her and her endeavors. When she recently shared snippets from a Modern Family cast reunion, fans expressed their excitement and nostalgia. The reunion, which generated immense buzz, showcased the enduring popularity of the beloved show and the enduring bond between the cast members.

Upcoming Project and Embracing Aging

As Vergara looks ahead to her next project, the Netflix limited series Griselda, she takes on the lead role of Griselda Blanco. The actress is eager to explore this new character and captivate audiences once again. With the premiere set for January 25, 2024, fans can anticipate Vergara’s dynamic performance and her ability to bring complex characters to life.


Sofia Vergara’s recent interview with Glamour highlights her commitment to skincare, her resilience in the face of criticism, and her dedication to embracing the natural process of aging. As she continues to thrive in her career, launching her suncare line and taking on new acting roles, Vergara remains unapologetically herself, inspiring others to embrace their own unique beauty. Despite the occasional negativity, her loyal fan base continues to support and celebrate her, making it clear that Sofia Vergara’s influence extends far beyond the screen.

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