The $6 Million Anti-Aging Routine: Inside Bryan Johnson’s Quest for Eternal Youth

14 January 2024

Tech mogul Bryan Johnson shares his extensive skincare routine as part of his multimillion-dollar project to reverse aging.

Bryan Johnson, the Californian tech mogul known for his relentless pursuit of immortality, has made headlines once again. After spending a staggering $6 million to reverse his physical age by five years, Johnson is now sharing his anti-aging skincare routine. While his lifestyle may be focused on reducing his body’s age, he also places great importance on maintaining youthful and healthy skin. In this article, we delve into the details of Johnson’s skincare regimen and explore the science behind his quest for eternal youth.

The Damage of the Sun and the Road to Rejuvenation

Johnson reveals that his journey towards reversing the effects of aging began with an assessment of his skin. He admits to having “destroyed” his skin as a child, spending countless hours in the sun without sunscreen. Now in his 40s, he is paying the price for his youthful indiscretions. Johnson’s team of doctors, as part of his “Project Blueprint,” measured every organ of his body, including his skin, to devise a plan to slow down and reverse the damage caused by aging.

The Three Pillars of Johnson’s Skincare Routine

Johnson outlines three key elements of his skincare routine that contribute to his youthful appearance. First, he uses a drugstore face wash, the CeraVe Acne Control Cleanser, to keep his face blemish-free. Additionally, he “microdoses” on Accutane, a retinoid medication that treats severe acne, taking two 40mg pills a week. This medication has proven beneficial for both his acne and some of the anti-aging therapies he uses.

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The second pillar of Johnson’s routine involves the use of face creams. He specifically mentions a cream by Adipeaul, which contains natural agents to rejuvenate the skin’s fat cells and sustain regeneration. Johnson emphasizes the importance of trial and error, as many products end up in his “cream graveyard” due to their lack of efficacy.

The third pillar of Johnson’s skincare routine centers around sun protection. He acknowledges the damaging effects of the sun on the skin and religiously applies sunscreen. Johnson uses EltaMD with SPF 41, ensuring his skin is shielded from harmful UV rays. He also tries to minimize sun exposure by venturing out during low UV index periods, such as early mornings or evenings.

Advanced Techniques and Devices for Rejuvenation

Johnson’s skincare routine goes beyond creams and sun protection. He incorporates advanced techniques and devices to address specific skin concerns. Multi-spectral imaging provides a comprehensive assessment of his skin, revealing various biomarkers. Johnson admits that the initial results were alarming, showcasing the extent of sun damage. Even his 17-year-old son’s friends were surprised to see the effects of sun exposure on their own faces.

To promote collagen production and skin tightening, Johnson utilizes an exilus device that employs radio frequency technology. This device helps combat the loss of firmness and collagen associated with aging. Johnson also mentions other devices that utilize lasers or heat to enhance firmness and collagen production.

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Another crucial aspect of Johnson’s skincare routine is the assessment of advanced glycation end products (AGEs), which reflect the skin’s cardiovascular health. This measurement allows him to monitor the build-up of harmful substances in the skin.

The Results and the Quest for Eternal Youth

Johnson’s extensive skincare routine has yielded impressive results. He claims that his skin age has regressed from 64 to a range between 37 and 42, according to the markers used by his team of doctors. Johnson’s commitment to his anti-aging regimen has not only transformed his skin but also improved his overall health and fitness. With a heart age of 37, the skin of a 28-year-old, and the fitness of an 18-year-old, Johnson’s multimillion-dollar investment in his quest for eternal youth appears to be paying off.


Bryan Johnson’s anti-aging skincare routine offers a fascinating glimpse into the world of biohacking and the relentless pursuit of eternal youth. Through a combination of creams, advanced techniques, and sun protection, Johnson has managed to reverse the effects of aging on his skin. While his methods may be unconventional and controversial, they shed light on the possibilities and limitations of anti-aging interventions. As Johnson continues his quest for immortality, his skincare routine serves as a testament to the lengths some will go to defy the inevitability of aging.

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