The Beauty Secrets of Hollywood’s Leading Ladies

29 December 2023

A glimpse into the makeup routines of top actresses and influencers

In the world of Hollywood glamour, flawless makeup is a must-have for any red carpet event or photoshoot. But what are the secret weapons that top actresses and influencers rely on to achieve their signature looks? We take a closer look at the go-to makeup products of some of the industry’s leading ladies, revealing the tricks of the trade that keep them looking camera-ready at all times.

Perfecting the Brows

For many women, well-groomed eyebrows are the key to a polished look. Actress Jennifer Garner swears by her Chanel pencil, admitting that she feels “embarrassed to be seen without it.” Meanwhile, pop star Ariana Grande achieves her iconic “Audrey Hepburn–ish” brows with a MAC pencil. Makeup artist Nam Vo gives a nod to the NYX Control Freak for its ability to keep brows in place.

Mastering the Eyes

When it comes to eyeliner, reality TV star Kylie Jenner opts for a subtle “baby wing” using her own Kylie Cosmetics liquid pen. On the other hand, singer Ariana Grande prefers a more dramatic flick with Charlotte Tilbury’s Rock ‘N’ Kohl. Actress Issa Rae adds a touch of sparkle to her eyes with About-Face’s Glitter Eye Paint, claiming it instantly elevates her look.

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Defining the Lips

Lip liners play a crucial role in creating the perfect pout. Actress Eva Longoria admits to having high standards for her lip liners and finds satisfaction in Victoria Beckham’s Lip Definer for its creamy texture and long-lasting wear. Julia Roberts, on the other hand, swears by Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk pencil, known for its universally flattering shade. Kathryn Newton proudly shows off her worn-down Chanel liner, a testament to her love for the product.

The Power of Lipstick

Lipstick is the finishing touch that can transform any makeup look. Actress Phoebe Tonkin never leaves home without her trusty red lipstick from Chanel, applying it not only to her lips but also to her cheeks for a coordinated flush. Each actress has her own signature scent, with Yara Shahidi opting for Chanel No. 5, while Skai Jackson layers her Kayali fragrance with Xtra Milk Fragrance by Dedcool.


Behind every flawless red carpet appearance or Instagram selfie lies a carefully curated collection of makeup products. From eyebrow pencils to lip liners and lipsticks, Hollywood’s leading ladies have their go-to beauty essentials that help them achieve their signature looks. Whether it’s a Chanel pencil or a Charlotte Tilbury liner, these products have become trusted allies in the quest for beauty perfection. So the next time you see your favorite actress looking flawless, remember that there’s a team of makeup artists and a carefully selected arsenal of products behind that stunning look.

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