The Hand Cream and The Hand Retinol: The Perfect Duo for Winter Skincare

5 December 2023

Nécessaire’s Two-Step Hand Cream Regimen Delivers Unparalleled Moisture and Revitalization

As the temperature drops and winter settles in, many of us find ourselves battling dry, cracked skin and brittle cuticles. In search of a solution, I discovered The Hand Cream and The Hand Retinol by Nécessaire, and after incorporating them into my skincare routine, my hands have never looked better. This article explores the transformative power of these products and why they have become a game changer for winter skincare.

The Hand Cream: A Moisturizing Marvel
Formulated with a potent blend of five ceramides, five peptides, niacinamide, and marula oil and butter, The Hand Cream offers a multi-faceted approach to combat aging and improve skin’s elasticity, firmness, and hydration. This luxurious cream is designed for daytime use, providing lasting moisture and protection against the harsh elements.

The Hand Retinol: Nighttime Renewal
For a more targeted treatment, Nécessaire’s The Hand Retinol is a must-have. Infused with 0.25 percent retinol and five percent AHA, this powerhouse product tackles textured skin and dark spots that can prematurely age the hands. Best used at night, The Hand Retinol works its magic while you sleep, leaving your hands feeling hydrated and remarkably soft come morning.

A Perfect Pairing
The beauty of Nécessaire’s hand cream regimen lies in its two-step approach. By incorporating both The Hand Cream and The Hand Retinol into your routine, you can experience the ultimate in hand care. The Hand Retinol works to repair and renew the skin overnight, while The Hand Cream provides ongoing moisturization and protection throughout the day.

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Real Results, Real Softness
After just a few weeks of consistent use, I noticed a remarkable difference in the texture and appearance of my hands. The dryness and roughness that plagued me during the winter months were replaced with baby-soft, supple skin. The Hand Cream’s non-greasy formula and The Hand Retinol’s gentle yet effective treatment made this duo a winning combination.

The Perfect Holiday Gift
Impressed by the results, I plan on gifting my loved ones the Nécessaire Holiday Hand Duo, which includes both The Hand Cream and The Hand Retinol at a discounted price. This thoughtful gift not only offers the benefits of these exceptional products but also encourages a self-care routine that prioritizes the health and beauty of one’s hands.


In the battle against dry, winter skin, Nécessaire’s The Hand Cream and The Hand Retinol emerge as champions. Their innovative formulas, packed with powerful ingredients, deliver unmatched moisture and rejuvenation. Whether you’re seeking a daily moisturizer or a targeted treatment, this duo has you covered. Say goodbye to dry, cracked hands and hello to soft, revitalized skin. Embrace the power of Nécessaire’s hand cream regimen and experience the transformative effects for yourself.

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