The Illusion of Employee Mental Health Services: Do They Really Work?

17 January 2024

A British Study Challenges the Effectiveness of Workplace Wellness Programs

In recent years, employee mental health services have become a booming industry, with companies investing billions of dollars to provide a range of wellness solutions to their workforce. From digital apps to mindfulness seminars and resilience workshops, employers are eager to demonstrate their commitment to the well-being of their employees. However, a groundbreaking study conducted by a British researcher has cast doubt on the effectiveness of these programs. The study, published in the Industrial Relations Journal, challenges the widely-held belief that such interventions lead to improved mental health outcomes for employees. Instead, it suggests that only one specific type of program appears to have a positive impact: opportunities for charity or volunteer work.

The Study’s Findings: A Reality Check for Workplace Wellness Programs

The study, which analyzed survey responses from 46,336 workers at companies offering mental health programs, found that participants in these interventions were no better off than their colleagues who did not participate. The research considered the outcomes of 90 different interventions, ranging from digital apps and coaching to relaxation classes and courses in time management or financial health. Surprisingly, none of these offerings had any positive effect on employee well-being.

The Power of Giving Back: The Exception to the Rule

While the majority of workplace wellness programs failed to make a difference, the study did uncover one notable exception: workers who were given the opportunity to engage in charity or volunteer work experienced improved well-being. This finding suggests that the act of giving back to the community may have a positive impact on employee mental health.

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The Paradox of Resilience Training and Stress Management

One unexpected finding of the study was that trainings on resilience and stress management actually appeared to have a negative effect on employee well-being. This raises questions about the efficacy of such programs and calls for a deeper understanding of the potential unintended consequences they may have.

Unveiling the Illusion: The Need for Evidence-Based Approaches

The study’s findings challenge the prevailing narrative surrounding workplace wellness programs and highlight the need for evidence-based approaches. Employers must critically evaluate the effectiveness of the interventions they offer and ensure that they are truly beneficial for their employees.

A Call for Holistic Approaches to Employee Mental Health

Rather than relying solely on trendy wellness solutions, companies should consider implementing holistic approaches to employee mental health. This may involve fostering a supportive work environment, promoting work-life balance, and providing resources for professional development. By addressing the root causes of workplace stress and prioritizing the overall well-being of their employees, organizations can create a more sustainable and effective approach to mental health support.


The billion-dollar industry of employee mental health services may not be delivering the promised results. The recent study challenges the effectiveness of workplace wellness programs, revealing that the majority of interventions have no positive impact on employee well-being. However, the study also highlights the potential benefits of opportunities for charity or volunteer work, suggesting that giving back to the community can have a positive effect on mental health. As companies navigate the complex landscape of employee mental health, it is crucial for them to adopt evidence-based approaches and prioritize holistic strategies that address the underlying causes of workplace stress. By doing so, employers can create a healthier and more supportive environment for their workforce, ultimately leading to improved mental well-being.

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