The Masked Singer Season 10: A Recap of the Celebrities Behind the Masks

25 December 2023

Ne-Yo, John Schneider, and Janel Parrish among the revealed celebrities in the latest season of The Masked Singer

The Masked Singer Season 10 has come to a close, leaving fans both delighted and surprised by the identities of the celebrities behind the masks. From Grammy-winning musicians to beloved actors, the show once again showcased the star power and talent that captivates audiences week after week. Hosted by Nick Cannon and featuring panelists Ken Jeong, Nicole Scherzinger, Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg, and Robin Thicke, the season delivered memorable performances and emotional moments. Let’s take a closer look at the celebrities who competed and the surprising reveals that left viewers in awe.

Ne-Yo takes the crown as the Cow

Grammy-winning musician Ne-Yo, disguised as the Cow, emerged as the season 10 winner of The Masked Singer. Ne-Yo had previously competed on the U.K. version of the show in 2021. In an interview with EW, he revealed that he participated in the U.K. version first to increase his chances of winning on the American version. Despite not winning in the U.K., Ne-Yo’s talent and determination shone through as he triumphed in the American competition.

John Schneider surprises as the Donut

Actor John Schneider, known for his role in The Dukes of Hazzard, proved his vocal abilities as the Donut on The Masked Singer. Schneider’s emotional journey on the show touched the hearts of both the panelists and viewers, as he shared his story of loss and healing after the death of his wife. Despite not considering himself a singer, Schneider’s impressive performances led him to become the runner-up of the season.

Janel Parrish reveals herself as the Gazelle

Actress Janel Parrish, best known for her role in Pretty Little Liars, surprised the panelists when she was unmasked as the Gazelle. Throughout the season, panelist Ken Jeong was convinced that the Gazelle was his friend and former co-star Constance Wu. However, Parrish’s graceful performances and powerful voice proved Jeong wrong. Despite the mix-up, Parrish expressed her gratitude to Jeong for championing her on the show.

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Macy Gray reigns as the Sea Queen

Grammy-winning singer Macy Gray showcased her distinctive voice as the Sea Queen on The Masked Singer. While many fans and judges correctly guessed her identity, Gray’s performances were still captivating. However, her journey on the show was not without obstacles, as she dramatically collapsed on stage twice during the finale. Gray’s talent and resilience solidified her place as one of the memorable contestants of the season.

Keyshia Cole shines as the Candelabra

R&B singer Keyshia Cole impressed the audience with her powerful vocals as the Candelabra. Despite her strong performances, Cole was eliminated in the Group C finals, facing tough competition from Donut. Known for hits like “Let It Go” and “(When You Gonna) Give It Up to Me,” Cole’s participation on The Masked Singer showcased her versatility as an artist.

John Oates surprises as the Anteater

John Oates, one half of the iconic duo Hall & Oates, showcased his solo talent as the Anteater on The Masked Singer. Despite his former bandmate Daryl Hall filing a lawsuit against him, Oates remained optimistic about the potential for a reunion. Oates’s participation on the show proved that his musical journey is far from over.

Sebastian Bach rocks as the Tiki

Sebastian Bach, best known as the frontman of Skid Row, showcased his rockstar persona as the Tiki. The actor and Broadway performer delighted audiences with his killer voice. However, his journey on the show came to an end during the Group B Battle Royale against Sea Queen. Bach’s passion for performing and willingness to step out of his comfort zone made him a memorable contestant.

Ginuwine impresses as the Husky

R&B singer Ginuwine, known for his hit song “Pony,” surprised viewers as the Husky on The Masked Singer. Despite initially declining to be on the show due to his preference for privacy, Ginuwine took the opportunity to challenge himself and showcase his talent. Although he was eliminated in the Group B finals, Ginuwine’s participation on the show allowed fans to see a different side of him.

Ashley Parker Angel charms as the S’more

Former O-Town member Ashley Parker Angel delighted audiences as the S’more on The Masked Singer. His run on the show was particularly memorable when his former bandmate Lance Bass appeared in one of his clue packages. Angel’s connection with Bass added an extra layer of excitement and nostalgia for fans of the boy band era.

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Metta Sandiford-Artest surprises as the Cuddle Monster

Former NBA star Metta Sandiford-Artest, also known as Metta World Peace or Ron Artest, showcased his playful side as the Cuddle Monster on The Masked Singer. Sandiford-Artest’s unexpected appearance on the show surprised both the panelists and viewers. His performance on Trolls Night, dedicated to the upcoming Trolls Band Together, added a touch of fun and humor to the competition.

Luann de Lesseps surprises as the Hibiscus

Reality TV star Luann de Lesseps, known for her role on The Real Housewives of New York City, showcased her singing talent as the Hibiscus. Despite being eliminated on One Hit Wonders Night, de Lesseps expressed her gratitude for the experience and the lessons she learned from working with a vocal coach. She plans to incorporate these lessons into her own cabaret act.

Tyler Posey soars as the Hawk

Actor Tyler Posey, famous for his role in Teen Wolf, showcased his vocal abilities as the Hawk on The Masked Singer. Despite being eliminated on Harry Potter Night, Posey expressed his love for performing and his affinity for taking on unique and unconventional projects. His participation on the show allowed him to explore a different side of his talent.

Billie Jean King surprises as the Royal Hen

Tennis legend Billie Jean King surprised the panelists and viewers alike as the Royal Hen on The Masked Singer. Her rendition of Elton John’s “Philadelphia Freedom” on Elton John Night showcased her enthusiasm and love for performing. King’s participation on the show highlighted her versatility and passion beyond the tennis court.

Michael Rapaport brings laughter as the Pickle

Actor and comedian Michael Rapaport brought humor and entertainment as the Pickle on The Masked Singer. Despite his elimination on 2000s Night, Rapaport’s comedic performances left a lasting impression on both the panelists and viewers. His ability to entertain and make people laugh made him a memorable contestant.

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Tom Sandoval dives in as the Diver

Vanderpump Rules star Tom Sandoval showcased his vocal abilities as the Diver on The Masked Singer. Despite being eliminated on NFL Night, Sandoval expressed his love for performing and his willingness to take on new challenges. His participation on the show allowed him to explore his passion for music in a different setting.

Anthony Anderson brings laughter as the Rubber Ducky

Black-ish star Anthony Anderson surprised the audience as the Rubber Ducky on The Masked Singer. Despite being eliminated on the season 10 premiere episode, Anderson’s comedic performances and infectious energy brought joy to both the panelists and viewers. His participation on the show showcased his versatility as an entertainer.

Demi Lovato kicks off the season as Anonymouse

Grammy-nominated singer and former Disney Channel star Demi Lovato made a special appearance as Anonymouse during the season 10 premiere kickoff episode. Lovato’s powerful performance of Heart’s “What About Love” set the stage for an exciting and star-studded season. Her participation on the show added an extra layer of excitement and anticipation for fans.

Conclusion: The Masked Singer Season 10 delivered another season of thrilling performances and surprising reveals. From Grammy-winning musicians to beloved actors, the celebrities behind the masks showcased their talent and captivated audiences week after week. The show continues to be a platform for artists to challenge themselves and showcase their versatility. As the season comes to a close, viewers eagerly await the next installment of The Masked Singer, wondering which celebrities will take the stage and surprise us all.

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