TikTok’s Flaxseed Gel Trend: Is It Nature’s Botox or Just a Social Media Fad?

15 December 2023

Medical experts debunk the claims of homemade flaxseed gel as a natural alternative to Botox, warning of potential risks and lack of scientific evidence.

The latest beauty trend to captivate TikTok users involves the use of homemade flaxseed gel as a supposed “nature’s Botox.” Hundreds of videos have surfaced on the platform, with users claiming that applying the gel to their faces results in a reduction of wrinkles and fine lines. However, medical experts are cautioning against this trend, stating that it lacks scientific basis and may pose potential risks to the skin. In this article, we delve into the claims made by TikTok users, debunk the pseudoscience behind the trend, and provide expert insights on the proper use of flaxseeds for skincare.

The TikTok Hype: Flaxseed Gel as Nature’s Botox

TikTok users, including Courtney Snell, have taken to the platform to showcase their experiences with homemade flaxseed gel. Snell, who had previously received Botox injections, documented her journey using the gel as a face mask. She claimed that her forehead lines appeared reduced after using the gel, leading her to believe that it was a natural alternative to Botox. However, medical professionals are skeptical of these claims and urge caution.

The Medical Perspective: Debunking the Flaxseed Gel Trend

Dr. Jennifer Ashton, ABC News chief medical correspondent and nutrition expert, dismisses the notion that flaxseed gel can mimic the effects of Botox. She clarifies that Botox works by temporarily paralyzing muscles to smooth out wrinkles, while flaxseed gel lacks the necessary properties to produce similar results. Ashton warns against relying on TikTok influencers who lack medical credentials and emphasizes the importance of evidence-based skincare practices.

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The Risks and Limitations of Flaxseed Gel

While TikTok videos showcase the application of flaxseed gel as a harmless beauty treatment, experts highlight potential risks. Ashton cautions that applying the gel to the face may result in contact irritation, dermatitis, or even allergic reactions. Additionally, she emphasizes the danger of following TikTok trends as credible medical advice. The absorption of substances through the skin into the bloodstream further underscores the need for caution when experimenting with homemade remedies.

The Science Behind Flaxseed Oil and Flaxseeds

While flaxseeds are often touted as a superfood due to their high omega content, fiber, and mineral content, their benefits are most pronounced when ingested orally. Ashton explains that flaxseeds provide valuable nutrients when incorporated into a balanced diet, but they do not possess the same properties when applied topically. She advises individuals to seek credible sources for medical information and to exercise caution when relying on social media platforms for skincare advice.

Making Informed Choices for Skincare

Ashton suggests using natural oils like olive oil, coconut oil, or avocado oil as moisturizers, as they are preferable to products containing potentially harmful chemicals. She highlights the importance of making informed choices when it comes to skincare and warns against expecting the same results as cosmetic Botox from homemade concoctions. Properly researched and dermatologist-approved products are more likely to deliver the desired effects without compromising skin health.

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The TikTok trend of using homemade flaxseed gel as a natural alternative to Botox has gained significant attention. However, medical experts caution against this trend, emphasizing the lack of scientific evidence and potential risks to the skin. While flaxseeds offer numerous health benefits when ingested, they do not possess the same properties when applied topically. It is crucial to seek credible sources for skincare advice and exercise caution when experimenting with homemade remedies. By making informed choices, individuals can prioritize their skin health and avoid falling victim to social media fads.

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