Traditional Game Studios Leading the Way in Web3 Gaming Adoption, Says Blockchain Game Alliance Report

25 December 2023

The 2023 State of the Industry Report from the Blockchain Game Alliance reveals that traditional game studios venturing into Web3 gaming are expected to have the most positive impact on the blockchain game industry this year.

The blockchain game industry is at a crucial juncture as it seeks to gain widespread adoption. According to the recently released 2023 State of the Industry Report from the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA), traditional game studios entering the realm of Web3 gaming are seen as the key drivers of progress. The report, based on a survey of 526 people at blockchain game companies, provides valuable insights into the industry’s current state, challenges, and potential growth.

Web2 Studios: Pioneers in Web3 Gaming Adoption
The survey revealed that 19.8% of respondents believe that traditional game studios embracing Web3 gaming will have the most positive impact this year. This indicates a growing recognition of the potential of Web3 gaming and the influence that established studios can have in driving its adoption. Additionally, 15.2% of respondents highlighted the transition of Web2 gaming into Web3 as a critical driver of progress. The report also highlighted that Web2 game studios committing to Web3 adoption has already played a pivotal role in the industry’s advancement this year, according to 35.0% of respondents.

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The Global Perspective: Growing Interest in Web3 Gaming
The survey respondents were spread across the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Latin America, providing a comprehensive global perspective. The report noted that the Middle East and North Africa region saw increased participation, accounting for 5% of respondents. This growth can be attributed to regulatory clarity for Web3 in places like Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, which have made significant investments in metaverse development. The report also highlighted the commitments of influential Web2 gaming giants like CCP Games, Nexon, Ubisoft, Square Enix, and Bandai Namco, who have signaled their intentions to adopt Web3 in 2023.

Crypto Winter and Blockchain Gaming’s Resilience
Despite the challenges faced by the crypto industry, including price volatility and regulatory actions, blockchain gaming has shown resilience. DappRadar reported an average of 786,766 unique active wallets in Q3 2023, indicating sustained interest in blockchain gaming. The report also revealed that Web3 gaming projects raised $2.3 billion in investments by the end of September, although funding has decreased compared to the previous year. The commitment of major Web2 gaming studios to Web3 adoption has further bolstered the industry’s prospects.

Challenges: Onboarding and User Acquisition
The survey identified two key challenges for the blockchain game industry: onboarding new users and user acquisition. Over half (55.1%) of respondents expressed concern about onboarding new users, citing the complex process of activating a Web3 wallet as a barrier. User acquisition was also identified as a significant challenge by 35.4% of respondents. Furthermore, the report highlighted the persistent misconception that blockchain gaming is synonymous with scams or Ponzi schemes, with 70.0% of respondents noting this as a challenge.

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Gameplay and Regulation: Areas of Improvement
The report highlighted poor gameplay as another challenge for Web3 games, with comparisons to Web2 games often falling short in terms of features and gameplay. However, some Web3 games in 2023, such as My Pet Hooligan and Illuvium, have gained attention for their high-quality aesthetic and engaging gameplay. The topic of regulation also regained prominence, with respondents expressing concerns about regulatory actions in the crypto industry. However, the report noted that compared to previous years, there is now more clarity and confidence for web3 founders navigating the regulatory landscape.


The 2023 State of the Industry Report from the Blockchain Game Alliance provides valuable insights into the current state and future prospects of the blockchain game industry. The report highlights the role of traditional game studios in driving Web3 gaming adoption and the global interest in this emerging sector. Despite challenges such as onboarding and user acquisition, blockchain gaming has shown resilience and continues to attract investment. With the commitment of major Web2 gaming studios and the recognition of asset ownership as a key benefit, the industry is poised for significant growth in the coming years.

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