Tragic Crash Claims the Life of a Respected Akron Doctor

12 December 2023

Jalen Jackson Faces Aggravated Murder Charges Following Fatal Head-On Collision

In a devastating incident that has shocked the community, a 70-year-old doctor from Akron, Ohio, was tragically killed in a head-on crash. The accused, Jalen Jackson, is facing multiple charges, including aggravated murder, aggravated robbery, tampering with evidence, discharging a firearm, weapons under disability, and a drug charge. The incident unfolded after Jackson allegedly robbed an Amazon driver at gunpoint and led police on a high-speed chase, ultimately resulting in the collision that claimed the life of Dr. Curtis Birchall. As the community mourns the loss of a beloved doctor, the case raises questions about the pursuit’s handling and the consequences of violent crime.

Remembering Dr. Curtis Birchall

Dr. Curtis Birchall, a highly respected emergency room doctor who had recently transitioned to working at his Rocky River Med Spa—The Fountain Clinic, was known for his dedication to saving lives. Colleagues and friends describe him as a kind and giving person who went above and beyond to help others. Noah Chen, who worked for Birchall at the clinic, shared how the doctor had personally assisted his sick father when the hospital had given up. Birchall’s impact extended beyond his professional life, as he also cared for his elderly father. The loss of such a compassionate and selfless individual has left a void in the community.

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The Pursuit and Tragic Collision

On the evening of the incident, Jackson allegedly robbed an Amazon driver at gunpoint and fled in the stolen van. The driver promptly alerted the authorities, leading to a police pursuit. Cleveland Heights Police Chief Chris Britton revealed that during the pursuit, one of his officers reported hearing two gunshots. As the chase continued onto I-90 eastbound, Jackson turned into oncoming traffic, reaching speeds of up to 100 mph. Tragically, the pursuit ended in a head-on collision that claimed the life of Dr. Birchall. The circumstances surrounding the pursuit and the decision to continue at such high speeds will undoubtedly be scrutinized as the case unfolds.

Jalen Jackson’s Criminal History

Prior to the fatal incident, Jackson had several open warrants for his arrest, including charges from Cleveland Municipal Court and Cuyahoga County. The 23-year-old now faces aggravated murder charges, along with other serious offenses. The incident has brought attention to the issue of repeat offenders and the challenges faced by law enforcement in apprehending individuals with open warrants. The case highlights the need for a comprehensive approach to addressing criminal behavior and ensuring the safety of the community.

Impact on the Community

The loss of Dr. Birchall has deeply affected not only his family and friends but also the countless lives he touched throughout his career. Former colleagues and employees gathered at the court hearing to pay their respects and remember the doctor’s contributions. Many expressed their gratitude for his unwavering dedication to helping others. The tragedy serves as a stark reminder of the fragility of life and the impact that one person can have on the lives of many.

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Police Accountability and Pursuit Protocols

The pursuit that led to the fatal collision raises important questions about police accountability and pursuit protocols. As the investigation progresses, authorities will undoubtedly review the decisions made during the pursuit and assess whether proper procedures were followed. Balancing the need to apprehend a suspect with the potential risks to public safety is a complex challenge that law enforcement agencies face. This incident serves as a sobering reminder of the importance of ensuring that pursuit policies prioritize public safety while minimizing the risk of harm.


The tragic death of Dr. Curtis Birchall has left a community in mourning and raised important questions about the consequences of violent crime and the handling of police pursuits. As Jalen Jackson faces charges, including aggravated murder, the case will continue to unfold, shedding light on the circumstances surrounding the incident. The loss of such a compassionate and dedicated doctor serves as a reminder of the profound impact that individuals can have on the lives of others. It is a call to action for communities to come together and address the underlying issues that contribute to such tragic events, striving for a safer and more compassionate society.

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