Tyra Banks Reveals Her Secret to Ageless Beauty: Embracing Natural Weight Gain

27 November 2023

Supermodel Tyra Banks shares her unconventional approach to maintaining a youthful appearance and embracing the aging process.

Supermodel Tyra Banks, who turns 50 on December 4, has opened up about her unique strategy for maintaining an ageless appearance. Unlike many in the industry, Banks credits her natural weight gain for keeping her face “nice and juicy” without the need for Botox or fillers. In a candid interview, she discusses her views on aging, her decision to avoid injectables, and her overall embrace of her changing appearance.

The Power of Extra Weight

Banks attributes her age-defying looks to having “extra weight” on her face. She believes that being too skinny can actually age the face, while a bit of natural plumpness helps keep it youthful and vibrant. The supermodel proudly admits that she has never had injections and credits her weight gain for maintaining her fresh appearance.

A Nose Job and Openness to Future Alterations

While Banks has steered clear of fillers and injectables, she does not rule out the possibility of using them in the future. She candidly reveals that she had a nose job early in her career but has not pursued any other cosmetic alterations since then. She remains open to the idea but has not felt the need to explore it further at this point in her life.

Embracing a Fuller Figure

Throughout her career, Banks has embraced her changing body. She has been vocal about her love for having more curves and has happily accepted her fuller figure. During the Covid-19 pandemic, she admits to putting on weight but expresses no rush to slim down, emphasizing the pleasure she found in indulging in food during those challenging times.

Gray Hair and Partner’s Approval

As she approaches her 50th birthday, Banks proudly displays her gray hair, which her partner, Louis Bélanger-Martin, loves. She sees getting older as a privilege and feels wiser with each passing year. The supermodel cites fellow celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry, and Jennifer Aniston as inspirations, challenging societal notions of what it means to be 50.

A Milestone Celebration

Banks’s upcoming 50th birthday is a cause for celebration, but she admits she’s not a party girl. While loved ones have surprises lined up for her, she prefers a more low-key approach to marking the occasion. Her focus remains on her professional endeavors, including her ice cream brand and other business ventures.

Conclusion: Tyra Banks’s approach to maintaining an ageless appearance is refreshingly unconventional. By embracing natural weight gain and eschewing injectables, she challenges societal beauty standards and encourages others to embrace their changing appearances as they age. As she enters her 50s, Banks exudes confidence and wisdom, proving that beauty knows no age limit.

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