University of Pennsylvania President Resigns Amid Controversial Testimony on Antisemitism

10 December 2023

Liz Magill steps down as president of University of Pennsylvania following backlash over congressional committee testimony and ongoing campus unrest.

Liz Magill, the president of the University of Pennsylvania, has resigned amidst mounting criticism and protests on campus. The controversy stems from her recent testimony on antisemitism before a congressional committee. The university has been embroiled in a leadership crisis for months, with donors, students, and lawmakers calling for Magill’s resignation. The resignation of Scott L. Bok, chair of the board of trustees, shortly after Magill’s departure further highlights the gravity of the situation. This article will explore the events leading up to Magill’s resignation, the impact on the university, and the broader implications for academic freedom and campus governance.

Testimony on Antisemitism Sparks Outrage

Magill’s troubles began when she testified before the Republican-led House Committee on Education and the Workforce. During the hearing, she was repeatedly asked whether calling for the genocide of Jewish people violated the university’s code of conduct. Magill’s response, stating that it was a “context-dependent decision,” drew immediate backlash. Critics accused her of equivocating and failing to condemn antisemitism unequivocally. Despite releasing a video clarifying her stance, the criticism continued to mount.

Campus Unrest and Donor Complaints

The controversy surrounding Magill’s testimony exacerbated existing tensions on campus. The University of Pennsylvania had already faced criticism earlier in the semester for hosting the Palestine Writes literature festival, which included speakers accused of making antisemitic remarks. Powerful donors withdrew financial support from the university, calling for Magill’s resignation and accusing the administration of mishandling the festival and failing to address antisemitism adequately. Protests by student groups advocating for more support for both Palestinians and Jewish students further intensified the atmosphere of unrest.

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Leadership Crisis and Resignations

Magill’s resignation comes at a time when the University of Pennsylvania is grappling with its most significant leadership crisis in decades. With her departure, Magill becomes the shortest-serving president in the university’s history, having been in the role for less than 18 months. Scott L. Bok’s decision to step down as chair of the board of trustees shortly after Magill’s resignation further highlights the severity of the situation. The university now faces the challenge of finding suitable interim leadership and addressing the concerns raised by various stakeholders.

Reactions and Implications

The resignation of Liz Magill has elicited a range of reactions from different quarters. Supporters of Magill emphasize her positive qualities as a leader and express hope that she will be given another opportunity elsewhere. However, critics argue that her testimony and subsequent handling of the situation were inadequate, and her resignation was necessary. The broader implications of this controversy extend beyond the University of Pennsylvania. It raises questions about the balance between academic freedom and addressing instances of hate speech on college campuses. The university now faces an investigation by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights into complaints of antisemitism.


The resignation of Liz Magill as president of the University of Pennsylvania marks the culmination of a tumultuous period for the institution. The controversy surrounding her congressional committee testimony on antisemitism, coupled with ongoing campus unrest and donor complaints, created an untenable situation. As the university navigates this leadership crisis, it must address the concerns raised by various stakeholders and reaffirm its commitment to academic freedom and the fight against antisemitism. The ramifications of this episode extend beyond the University of Pennsylvania, serving as a reminder of the delicate balance between free expression and combating hate speech on college campuses.

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