Winter Weather Advisory: Snow Squalls and Low Visibility Expected in Kentucky

18 December 2023

Residents urged to exercise caution as winter weather conditions persist

As winter continues to grip parts of the United States, a Winter Weather Advisory has been issued for portions of east central, northeast, south central, and southeast Kentucky. The advisory, which will be in effect from 11 AM Monday to 4 AM EST Tuesday, warns of snow squalls and showers accompanied by westerly wind gusts of up to 35 mph. These conditions are expected to lead to low visibility and slippery road conditions, potentially impacting the evening commute. Residents are urged to exercise caution and stay informed about the latest road conditions.

1: Snow Squalls and Showers: A Brief but Intense Winter Phenomenon

Snow squalls are intense bursts of snowfall that can quickly reduce visibility and create hazardous driving conditions. Unlike steady snowfall, which can last for hours, snow squalls are short-lived but intense. They are often accompanied by strong winds, making it difficult for drivers to see the road ahead. These sudden bursts of snow can catch motorists off guard, leading to accidents and traffic disruptions.

2: Potential Impacts on Travel and Commute

With the Winter Weather Advisory in effect, travelers should be prepared for potentially slippery road conditions and reduced visibility. The combination of snow squalls and westerly wind gusts can create dangerous driving conditions, particularly on elevated surfaces and in areas above 1500 feet. The evening commute is expected to be most affected, as the snow squalls are forecasted to occur during this time. Motorists are advised to slow down, maintain a safe distance from other vehicles, and stay alert for changing road conditions.

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3: Safety Measures and Precautions

To ensure safety on the roads during winter weather conditions, it is essential to take appropriate precautions. The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet advises drivers to slow down and use caution while traveling. Additionally, keeping a safe distance from other vehicles and allowing extra time for the journey can help prevent accidents. It is also recommended to stay informed about the latest road conditions by visiting the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s website at

4: Impact on Local Businesses and Services

The Winter Weather Advisory not only affects commuters but also has implications for local businesses and services. Schools may need to consider closures or delays, and essential services such as emergency response teams and healthcare providers must be prepared for potential disruptions. It is crucial for businesses and organizations to have contingency plans in place to ensure the safety of their employees and customers during inclement weather.

5: The Importance of Preparedness and Community Support

As winter weather conditions persist, it is essential for communities to come together and support one another. Checking on elderly or vulnerable neighbors, sharing information about road conditions, and offering assistance to those in need can make a significant difference during challenging times. Preparedness, both at an individual and community level, is key to ensuring the well-being of everyone during winter weather events.

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With a Winter Weather Advisory in effect for parts of Kentucky, residents are urged to exercise caution and stay informed about the latest road conditions. Snow squalls and showers, accompanied by westerly wind gusts, can create hazardous driving conditions and reduced visibility. By taking safety measures, staying informed, and supporting one another, communities can navigate through these winter weather challenges and ensure the well-being of all.

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