YouTube Tops the Trustworthiness Chart Among Gen Zers, Survey Finds

25 December 2023

A recent survey conducted by Business Insider and YouGov reveals YouTube as the most trusted social media platform among adult Gen Zers, while Facebook falls to the bottom of the list.

In a digital landscape dominated by social media platforms, trustworthiness has become a crucial factor for users seeking reliable and authentic content. A recent survey conducted by Business Insider, in partnership with YouGov, sheds light on the perceptions of trustworthiness among adult Gen Zers towards major social media companies. The survey, which included over 1,800 Americans from five different generations, focused on respondents aged 18 and above. The findings highlight YouTube as the most trusted platform among Gen Zers, while Facebook struggles to maintain credibility.

YouTube: A Trusted Source of Content

According to the survey, YouTube emerged as the most trusted social media platform among adult Gen Zers, with 59% of respondents aged 18 to 26 considering it somewhat or very trustworthy. The platform’s popularity can be attributed to its vast array of content creators, who cater to a wide range of interests and provide informative and entertaining content. YouTube’s success in building trust can also be attributed to its transparent policies and efforts to combat misinformation and harmful content.

Instagram: A Divisive Platform

While Instagram secured the second spot in terms of trustworthiness, it also revealed a divided sentiment among Gen Zers. 40% of respondents considered Instagram trustworthy, while 45% expressed concerns about its credibility. This division may be due to the platform’s increasing influence on self-image and the prevalence of curated content, which has led some users to question the authenticity of what they see on the platform.

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Facebook: Struggling with Trust

Facebook, once a dominant force in the social media landscape, faced a significant decline in trust among Gen Zers. The survey found that 60% of adult Gen Zers considered Facebook somewhat or very untrustworthy, while only 28% regarded it as trustworthy. The platform’s reputation has been tarnished by numerous controversies, including privacy breaches, the spread of misinformation, and the perception that it caters to an older demographic. Additionally, many Gen Zers have shifted their attention to other platforms that offer more personalized and niche experiences.

TikTok: A Mixed Bag

TikTok, known for its short-form videos and popularity among Gen Z users, received mixed reviews in terms of trustworthiness. While 57% of respondents deemed TikTok untrustworthy, 30% considered it somewhat or very trustworthy. The platform’s association with its parent company, ByteDance, headquartered in China, has raised concerns about data privacy and security. Despite these concerns, TikTok’s engaging content and ability to create viral trends have contributed to its popularity among Gen Zers.

Factors Influencing Trustworthiness

The survey results indicate that trustworthiness is influenced by various factors. YouTube’s success can be attributed to its diverse content creators and transparent policies. Instagram’s divided sentiment may stem from the platform’s focus on curated content and self-image. Facebook’s decline in trust can be attributed to its controversies and perceived lack of relevance to Gen Z. TikTok’s mixed reviews are a result of concerns about data privacy and security, balanced by the platform’s engaging content.

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The survey’s findings highlight the shifting landscape of trust among Gen Zers towards social media platforms. YouTube’s success in building trust can be attributed to its diverse content and transparent policies, while Facebook’s decline reflects the platform’s numerous controversies. Instagram’s divided sentiment reveals the challenges of maintaining trust in an era of curated content. TikTok’s mixed reviews reflect the ongoing concerns about data privacy and security. As social media continues to evolve, platforms must prioritize transparency, authenticity, and user safety to earn and maintain the trust of Gen Z users.

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