A Frisco Doctor’s Medical License Suspended Following Patient’s Death at Luxe Med Spa

24 December 2023

Investigation Reveals Unlicensed Staff and Improper Use of Prescription Solutions at Wortham Spa

In a tragic incident that has sent shockwaves through the medical community, a woman has died at Luxe Med Spa in Wortham, Texas, leading to the temporary suspension of a Frisco physician’s medical license. The patient received an IV therapy that included TPN electrolytes, which require a prescription and are known to have potential complications. The Texas Medical Board’s investigation has uncovered alarming details about the spa’s operations, including the lack of licensed medical personnel and the improper use of prescription pharmaceutical solutions.

1: The Fatal Incident and Medical Director’s Involvement

The patient at Luxe Med Spa was administered an IV therapy consisting of vitamin B complex, ascorbic acid, vitamin B12, and TPN electrolytes. Shortly after receiving the treatment, the patient was found unresponsive. Despite the staff’s immediate response and calling 911, the patient was pronounced dead at a hospital in Mexia, Texas. The Texas Medical Board’s investigation revealed that Dr. Michael Patrick Gallagher, an anesthesiologist, was acting as the Medical Director for Luxe Med Spa. However, his presence at the spa was limited to the day of its grand opening, once in June, and on the day of the patient’s tragic death.

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2: Unlicensed Administration and Risk to Patients

Amber Johnson, the owner of Luxe Med Spa, took it upon herself to administer the IV therapy, despite not being licensed to perform such treatments or administer prescription pharmaceutical solutions. This lack of oversight and unlicensed practice put patients at significant risk. The Texas Medical Board has highlighted the absence of licensed medical personnel at the spa, further compounding the potential dangers faced by patients seeking treatment.

3: Improper Use of Prescription Solutions

The investigation into Luxe Med Spa’s operations revealed a concerning practice involving the improper use of prescription solutions. Invoices obtained by the Texas Medical Board indicated that McKesson Pharmaceuticals was providing TPN and other prescription solutions to the spa using Dr. Gallagher’s license. However, it was discovered that Johnson and other staff members were ordering these solutions from the provider using the physician’s credentials, raising serious questions about the legality and ethical implications of such actions.

4: The Texas Medical Board’s Response

In response to the tragic incident and the findings of their investigation, the Texas Medical Board has taken swift action. Dr. Gallagher’s medical license has been temporarily suspended, pending further investigation and a hearing. This suspension serves as a stern reminder of the importance of adhering to medical standards and ensuring patient safety. The Board’s actions also underline the need for stricter regulations and oversight in the field of medical spas and similar establishments.

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The death of a patient at Luxe Med Spa in Wortham, Texas, has led to the temporary suspension of Dr. Michael Patrick Gallagher’s medical license. The investigation has shed light on the spa’s lack of licensed medical personnel, the unlicensed administration of treatments, and the improper use of prescription solutions. This incident serves as a sobering reminder of the potential dangers faced by patients seeking medical treatments in unregulated environments. It also calls for a reevaluation of the regulations and oversight surrounding medical spas to ensure the highest standards of patient safety and care.

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