A Young Man’s Journey into Bryan Johnson’s Intense Anti-Aging Lifestyle

24 December 2023

Andrew Boyd’s 75-Day Experiment with Bryan Johnson’s Blueprint Diet and Exercise Plan

In a bid to reverse the aging process and achieve the physique of an 18-year-old, tech mogul Bryan Johnson has developed an intense anti-aging lifestyle that includes a strict diet, rigorous exercise regimen, and a multitude of health practices. Andrew Boyd, a 23-year-old from Chattanooga, Tennessee, decided to put Johnson’s Blueprint program to the test. Over the course of 75 days, Boyd followed Johnson’s highly regimented plan and documented his experience on his YouTube channel. The results were both surprising and eye-opening.

1: The Blueprint Diet and Exercise Plan

Johnson’s Blueprint program revolves around a strict diet and exercise routine. He consumes 2,250 calories per day within a six-hour period, supplemented by a one-hour exercise regimen. Additionally, Johnson incorporates 111 supplements into his daily routine, undergoes blood transfusions, and adheres to a rigid bedtime schedule. Boyd aimed to follow this plan as closely as possible, adapting it to suit an average person’s lifestyle.

2: Following the Plan

Boyd meticulously adhered to Johnson’s schedule, ordering bulk groceries from Amazon, purchasing recommended supplements, and spending around $112.34 per week on food and supplements. He dedicated three to four hours each week to meal prepping, ensuring he followed the meal plan provided on Bryan’s website. Boyd’s daily meals consisted of nutrient-dense combinations such as the “green giant,” “super veggie,” and “nutty pudding.”

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3: The Results

After 75 days on the Blueprint program, Boyd claimed that his biological age had dropped to 19.2, while his chronological age remained 23.7. He experienced a significant weight loss, shedding nearly 30 pounds and reducing his body fat percentage from 19 to 13.9 percent. Boyd also noticed improvements in his heart rate variability, blood sugar levels, and sleep quality. Mentally, he reported increased clarity and focus.

4: The Challenges

While Boyd achieved remarkable results, he acknowledged the immense difficulty of prioritizing health to the extent that Johnson does. The Blueprint program requires an unwavering commitment to the prescribed diet, exercise, and lifestyle practices. Boyd emphasized that the program’s success lies not only in the specific diet and exercise protocols but in the use of data and measurement to inform health choices.


Andrew Boyd’s 75-day experiment with Bryan Johnson’s Blueprint program showcased the potential benefits of an intense anti-aging lifestyle. By following the strict diet and exercise plan, Boyd achieved significant weight loss, improved physical and mental health markers, and a reduced biological age. However, he also highlighted the challenges of maintaining such a demanding lifestyle. While Johnson’s Blueprint program may not be feasible for everyone, it serves as a reminder of the importance of prioritizing health and using data to inform our choices.

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