Apple’s Custom Chip Development: A Strategic Advantage in the Tech Industry

25 December 2023

CNBC gains exclusive access to Apple’s chip labs and interviews top executives to uncover the company’s foray into custom semiconductor development.

In a bid to secure a competitive edge in the ever-evolving tech industry, Apple has ventured into the complex world of custom chip development. CNBC recently had the opportunity to visit Apple’s chip labs at its Cupertino campus and sit down with two key executives, Johny Srouji and John Ternus, to discuss the company’s strategic approach. This move puts Apple in the same league as tech giants like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Tesla, who are also investing heavily in custom semiconductor development. By delving into this exclusive domain, Apple aims to optimize its products and maintain control over its hardware ecosystem.

The Apple Difference: Focusing on In-House Chip Development

Unlike traditional chipmakers such as Nvidia and Intel, Apple’s primary focus is not on selling chips to external clients. Instead, the company concentrates on enhancing its own products through the development of custom chips. This unique approach allows Apple to optimize its hardware and software integration, resulting in a seamless user experience across its diverse product lineup. By leveraging a scalable architecture, Apple can also reuse components across different devices, further streamlining its development process.

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The Advantages of Custom Chip Development

Apple’s decision to invest in custom chip development provides several advantages. Firstly, it grants the company greater flexibility and control over its product design and performance. By tailoring chips specifically to its devices, Apple can optimize power efficiency and computational capabilities, leading to enhanced user experiences. Additionally, custom chips enable Apple to differentiate itself from competitors by offering unique features and functionalities. This strategic move also helps Apple reduce its reliance on external chip suppliers, ensuring a more secure supply chain.

AI and the A17 Pro Chip: Apple’s Vision for the Future

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a pivotal technology in the tech industry, and Apple is keen on harnessing its potential. During the interview, Srouji and Ternus discussed Apple’s focus on AI and its latest chip, the A17 Pro. This chip, specifically designed for AI applications, showcases Apple’s commitment to integrating cutting-edge technologies into its devices. By developing AI-specific chips, Apple aims to deliver faster processing speeds, improved machine learning capabilities, and enhanced privacy features.

Collaboration with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC)

Apple’s pursuit of custom chip development is closely intertwined with its partnership with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). TSMC, one of the world’s leading chip manufacturers, plays a pivotal role in producing Apple’s custom chips. The collaboration between the two companies allows Apple to leverage TSMC’s advanced manufacturing processes and expertise, ensuring high-quality chips that meet Apple’s stringent standards. This partnership underscores Apple’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology to its consumers.

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The Future of Custom Chip Development

As Apple continues to invest in custom chip development, the company is likely to expand its capabilities and push the boundaries of technological innovation. With AI, machine learning, and other emerging technologies driving the industry forward, Apple’s dedication to in-house chip development positions the company at the forefront of technological advancements. By maintaining control over its hardware ecosystem, Apple can continue to offer unique and seamless user experiences, setting itself apart from its competitors.


Apple’s foray into custom chip development marks a significant strategic move for the company. By focusing on in-house chip design and optimization, Apple can enhance its products’ performance, power efficiency, and user experience. This approach, coupled with its commitment to AI and collaboration with TSMC, solidifies Apple’s position as a technological leader. As the tech industry continues to evolve, Apple’s investment in custom chip development ensures the company remains at the forefront of innovation, delivering cutting-edge technology to its loyal customer base.

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