Beauty Pros Share Their Must-Have Products

5 December 2023

Leading dermatologist Dr. Caroline Robinson reveals her go-to skincare and beauty essentials

In the ever-evolving world of beauty, finding products that truly deliver can be a challenge. That’s why when beauty professionals find a product they love, they can’t help but hit that “auto-refill” button at checkout. We spoke to Dr. Caroline Robinson, founder of Tone Dermatology, to discover her favorite skincare and beauty products that have earned a permanent spot in her routine. From cleansers to mascaras, Dr. Robinson’s recommendations are backed by her expertise and personal experience.

Prioritizing Skin: Dr. Robinson’s Morning Routine

Dr. Robinson understands the importance of prioritizing skin health, especially as a dermatologist. Her morning routine begins with the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Cleanser, a non-stripping formula that creates a luxurious lather. She follows this with Bijou, a serum containing live bacteria, which has become a staple in her skincare regimen. To address the delicate eye area, she swears by the Revision DEJ Eye Cream, a favorite she has used for years. For sun protection, Dr. Robinson is currently testing various tinted mineral sunscreens, emphasizing the importance of finding the right formula for individual needs.

Nurturing the Body: Dr. Robinson’s Body Care Favorites

While skincare is essential, Dr. Robinson also believes in taking care of the body. She loves using the Vaseline Radiant X line for her body care routine, praising its rich formulas that leave the skin nourished without feeling greasy.

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Enhancing Beauty: Dr. Robinson’s Makeup Picks

When it comes to makeup, Dr. Robinson opts for products that enhance her natural beauty. She swears by YSL’s Lash Clash Mascara, which provides voluminous lashes without clumping. For perfectly groomed brows, she relies on Refined Beauty.

Hair Care: Dr. Robinson’s Secret Weapons

Dr. Robinson knows that healthy hair is an integral part of overall beauty. She alternates between Olaplex and K18 for her hair care routine, both of which provide nourishment and repair for her locks.

The Importance of Core Skincare Products

Dr. Robinson emphasizes the significance of sticking to the core skincare products: sunscreen, retinoids, and antioxidants. These three pillars form the foundation of any effective skincare routine and should not be overlooked.

Debunking Beauty Myths: Hyaluronic Acid vs. Glycerin

Despite its popularity, Dr. Robinson believes that hyaluronic acid is overhyped in the beauty industry. She suggests that glycerin, a lesser-known humectant, may be a better choice for hydration and moisture retention.

Beauty Inspiration: Sabrina Elba

Dr. Robinson admires the beauty and style of Sabrina Elba, noting her flawless skin, hair, and overall aesthetic. Sabrina’s consistent commitment to self-care and beauty serves as an inspiration to Dr. Robinson and many others.


Dr. Caroline Robinson’s skincare and beauty routine reflects her expertise as a dermatologist and her personal preferences. By prioritizing skin health, nurturing the body, and enhancing natural beauty, Dr. Robinson has curated a collection of products that she loves and trusts. Her insights on core skincare products and debunking beauty myths provide valuable guidance for those seeking effective and reliable beauty solutions. Ultimately, Dr. Robinson’s routine serves as a reminder that self-care and finding the right products can go a long way in achieving healthy, radiant skin.

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