Auto-Refill: Makeup Artist Sheika Daley’s Beauty Must-Haves

19 December 2023

Discover the skincare, haircare, and makeup products that makeup artist Sheika Daley swears by, from her self-care routine to her go-to products for red carpet glam.

Makeup artist Sheika Daley’s rise to success is a testament to her talent and determination. Despite being self-taught, Daley has become one of the most sought-after makeup artists in the industry, working with A-list celebrities and serving as a Lancôme ambassador. In this article, we delve into Daley’s beauty routine and discover the products she loves so much that she hits the “auto-refill” button at checkout.

A Self-Care Morning Routine

Daley starts her day with meditation, followed by checking emails and catching up on the morning news. To fuel her morning, she enjoys a cup of coffee or a matcha latte with a touch of coconut milk. She believes in taking care of herself first to maintain greatness throughout the day.

Hair and Body Favorites

For her hair, Daley swears by the TPH by Taraji Overnight hair mask. This product provides intense hydration and replenishes her hair from the scalp to the ends, making it her go-to for natural hair maintenance. After showering, she moisturizes her body with Jergens Melanin Glow Body Lotion, leaving her skin with a luxurious golden glow.

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Skincare Must-Haves

Daley’s skincare routine includes products from the Lancôme Absolue collection. She cleanses, tones, and moisturizes to keep her skin looking radiant and healthy.

Everyday Makeup Staples

When it comes to her everyday makeup, Daley focuses on her lips, foundation, and lashes. She loves wearing the Elora Lane EL-05 Lashes for a glamorous look. For her complexion, she swears by the Danessa Myricks Skin Blurring Balm Foundation, a one-and-done product that gets her out the door quickly. To complete her look, she applies the Rosebud Salve lip balm, which keeps her lips hydrated and smooth.

Empowering Women and Diversity in the Beauty Industry

Daley has had the privilege of working with confident, iconic, and empowering women throughout her career, and they have greatly influenced her journey towards self-confidence. She hopes to see more inclusivity and opportunities for Black artists in the industry, emphasizing that they have the skills to work on all complexions and should be given more chances to showcase their talent.

Makeup Trends and Skincare Tips

While Daley embraces many makeup trends, there is one she can’t stand: baby hairs. On the other hand, she loves the ’90s homage to caramel/chocolate liner lips with light colors, with the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Intense 3 being her current favorite. She advises staying away from products with high alcohol content, as they can dry out the skin. Instead, she recommends using lactic acid, such as the Sunday Riley Good Genes, for a radiant complexion. Daley also emphasizes the importance of facials, massages, and regular IV drips for self-care and maintaining healthy skin.

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Sheika Daley’s journey as a self-taught makeup artist has been nothing short of inspiring. From her self-care routine to her favorite beauty products, she has discovered what works best for her and her clients. As she continues to make her mark in the industry, Daley hopes for more diversity and inclusivity, giving Black artists the opportunities they deserve. With her talent and passion, Daley is a shining example of how self-confidence and hard work can lead to greatness in the beauty world.

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