Biotech CEO Bryan Johnson Claims Blended Vegetable Mush Diet is the Key to Reversing Aging

27 December 2023

Bryan Johnson, the CEO known for his experimental approach to reversing aging, follows a strict diet that includes eating a blended mush of steamed vegetables and lentils. He believes this diet revolutionizes human health.

Bryan Johnson, the biotech CEO famous for his unconventional methods of reversing aging, has revealed his strict diet regimen in a recent interview. Johnson claims that his blended vegetable mush, along with other dietary practices, is the most significant revolution in the history of human health. While some experts remain skeptical, Johnson is convinced that his approach to nutrition is the key to extending human lifespan.

1: A Revolutionary Diet for Reversing Aging

Johnson’s diet primarily consists of a blended mush of steamed vegetables and lentils. According to Johnson, this mush is the cornerstone of his health routine and has transformed his relationship with food. He no longer finds pleasure in junk food and even the thought of pizza and donuts makes him nauseous. While some may find his diet extreme, Johnson believes it is a necessary sacrifice in his quest to reverse aging.

2: The Rest of Johnson’s Diet

In addition to the blended vegetable mush, Johnson’s daily diet includes consuming over 100 supplement pills. He also indulges in a “nutty pudding” made from macadamia nut milk, ground nuts, and fruits. For his third meal, Johnson opts for options like a roasted veggie lettuce wrap or chickpea curry over greens. His website showcases images of his meals, but only before they are blended.

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3: Defending Project Blueprint

Johnson has faced criticism for his unconventional approach to extending lifespan, which he calls Project Blueprint. He defended his methods at the anti-aging conference RAADfest, suggesting that society’s addiction to bad behavior is the root cause of skepticism. He believes that fast food, sugary drinks, and smartphones contribute to this addiction. Johnson argues that he experiences more joy from his food consumption than critics who indulge in unhealthy habits.

4: Unclear Health Benefits

Despite Johnson’s confidence in his diet, scientists remain skeptical about its health benefits. Jan Vijg, a genetics professor at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, cautions that there is currently no evidence to suggest that Johnson’s approach can significantly extend human lifespan beyond the maximum limit of around 115 years. While Johnson’s diet may have personal benefits for him, its broader implications for aging remain uncertain.


Bryan Johnson’s blended vegetable mush diet has garnered attention due to his claims of reversing aging. While his approach may be extreme and unsupported by scientific evidence, Johnson remains convinced of its efficacy. As the debate continues, it is essential to consider the potential benefits and limitations of unconventional dietary practices in the pursuit of longevity.

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