Birch Medical Spas and Amara Med Spa LLC Announce Partnership to Reshape the Medical Spa Landscape

24 December 2023

Two influential players in the industry join forces to drive innovation and expansion in the medical spa sector.

Birch Medical Spas, backed by Imperial Capital, has recently announced an exciting partnership with Amara Med Spa LLC. This collaboration brings together two major players in the medical spa industry, with the aim of driving innovation and reshaping the landscape of the industry. Amara Med Spa, based in Northern Florida, has rapidly expanded under the leadership of its founder, Greg Smith, and is known for its exceptional patient experiences and commitment to excellence. With the support of Birch and Imperial, Amara plans to expand its operations across Florida and Georgia, marking a significant milestone for both companies.

Amara Med Spa LLC: A Rising Star in the Medical Spa Industry

Amara Med Spa LLC has quickly established itself as a premier luxury medical spa in Northern Florida. With five locations under its belt, Amara has garnered a reputation for providing the finest medical aesthetic treatments while honoring the natural beauty of its patients. Led by founder Greg Smith and his exceptional team, Amara has been recognized as one of the top providers in the U.S. for Allergan, Galderma, ZO, and Revanesse. The spa’s commitment to excellence and its diverse array of treatments, primarily focusing on injectables, have earned it the title of the best med spa in Northern Florida for the past two years.

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Birch Medical Spas: Reshaping the Future of the Medical Spa Space

Birch Medical Spas is a rising star in the medical spa industry, founded with the mission to reshape the future of the sector. The company partners with leading medical spas across the U.S., providing them with corporate resources and additional capital for growth. Birch offers support in finance, IT, digital marketing, and real estate, allowing its partner spas to focus on delivering premium customer experiences and building lifetime clients. With a focus on creating a best-in-class team of industry leaders, Birch aims to empower its people to deliver unforgettable experiences to clients.

A Dynamic Partnership for Growth and Expansion

The partnership between Birch Medical Spas and Amara Med Spa LLC marks a significant milestone for both companies. Birch, with its unique model and exceptional team, has identified Amara as a disruptor in the industry. The collaboration will enable Amara to expand its operations across Florida and Georgia, tapping into new markets with the support of Birch and Imperial. The goal is to build an industry leader in the medical spa space, leveraging Amara’s track record of growth, beautiful locations, and phenomenal culture.

Imperial Capital’s Back, Buy, and Build Investment Strategy

Imperial Capital, the private equity firm backing Birch, has a strategic investment approach called Back, Buy, and Build. With a focus on North American opportunities, Imperial seeks to build or acquire growth-oriented platform investments in targeted industry niches. Imperial’s partnership with Birch and Amara aligns with their investment strategy, supporting the continued growth and expansion of both companies.

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The partnership between Birch Medical Spas and Amara Med Spa LLC represents a significant development in the medical spa industry. With the support of Imperial Capital, these two influential players are poised to reshape the landscape of the industry and drive innovation. Amara’s commitment to excellence and Birch’s unique model and resources create a strong foundation for growth and expansion. As the medical spa sector continues to evolve, this partnership sets a new standard for exceptional patient experiences and empowers top talent in the industry. The future looks bright for Birch, Amara, and the medical spa industry as a whole.

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