Bobbi Brown’s Three Steps to Rethinking Aging and Embracing Beauty

24 December 2023

The renowned makeup artist challenges the notion of “anti-aging” and encourages a positive perspective on growing older.

Bobbi Brown, the esteemed makeup artist and entrepreneur, is on a mission to revolutionize the way we think about aging. In a recent Instagram clip, she shared her three-step approach to help people “rethink” their relationship with aging and embrace their beauty at every stage of life. Brown believes that women of all ages deserve to look and feel their best, debunking the concept of “anti-aging” and promoting a more positive and inclusive narrative. Her message has resonated with fans worldwide, who have praised her for her fresh perspective and empowering outlook.

Silence negative thoughts:

The first step in Brown’s approach is to silence the negative thoughts that often plague women as they age. She urges individuals to let go of the internal noise that tells them they are no longer young. Many women, when looking in the mirror, feel self-conscious about their lines and wrinkles. Brown encourages them to challenge these negative beliefs and embrace their unique beauty.

Banish the phrase “anti-aging”:

Contrary to popular belief, Brown asserts that there is no such thing as “anti-aging.” She emphasizes that the goal should not be to look younger but to look better. By shifting the focus from reversing the aging process to enhancing one’s appearance, Brown aims to empower individuals to embrace their age and celebrate the beauty that comes with it.

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Change your makeup routine:

The third step in Brown’s approach involves adjusting one’s makeup routine to adapt to the changing needs of the skin. She recommends incorporating more moisture into the routine, using products like Jones Road Beauty’s Miracle Balm, which plump and soften lines that may cause concern. Brown acknowledges that the skincare and makeup needs of individuals evolve over time, and it is essential to adapt to these changes to enhance one’s natural beauty.

Creating Jones Road Beauty:

Brown’s commitment to redefining aging extends beyond her personal philosophy. In the creation of Jones Road Beauty, her makeup brand, she had people her age in mind. As the brand continues to grow, she aims to refine its language around aging. Brown seeks input from her followers, expressing her struggle with using phrases like “women of a certain age” or “mature skin.” She is determined to change the narrative surrounding aging in the beauty industry and maintain a fresh and positive approach.

The power of a positive message:

Brown’s pro-aging stance has garnered significant support from her followers and commenters. Many commend her for championing a positive narrative and changing the way society perceives aging. Her message resonates with those who believe that aging is a blessing and an opportunity for personal growth. Brown’s authenticity and role modeling have inspired countless women to embrace their natural beauty and feel confident at every stage of life.

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Bobbi Brown’s three-step approach to rethinking aging and embracing beauty challenges conventional notions of “anti-aging” and promotes a positive and inclusive perspective. By silencing negative thoughts, banishing the phrase “anti-aging,” and adapting makeup routines to changing needs, individuals can celebrate their age and enhance their natural beauty. Brown’s efforts to redefine aging in the beauty industry have sparked a powerful movement, inspiring women worldwide to embrace their wrinkles and view aging as a blessing. As she continues to shape her brand and language around aging, Brown’s impact on the beauty industry and society’s perception of aging is undeniable.

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