Bobbi Brown Shares Three Steps to Rethink Aging and Embrace Authenticity

22 December 2023

The renowned makeup artist challenges the concept of “anti-aging” and encourages women to redefine their relationship with aging.

Renowned makeup artist Bobbi Brown is on a mission to revolutionize the way we perceive aging. In a recent Instagram clip, she shared her three-step approach to help individuals “rethink” their relationship with getting older. Brown believes that people of all ages deserve to look and feel their best, challenging the notion of “anti-aging” and advocating for a more positive and authentic perspective on aging.

Silence Negative Thoughts:

The first step in Brown’s approach is to silence negative thoughts that often plague individuals as they age. She urges people to let go of the internal noise that tells them they are no longer young. Brown recognizes that many women, in particular, look in the mirror and feel self-conscious about their lines and wrinkles. By quieting these negative thoughts, individuals can begin to embrace their natural beauty and appreciate the journey of aging.

Banish the Phrase “Anti-Aging”:

Brown’s second step is to banish the phrase “anti-aging” from our vocabulary. She emphasizes that looking younger should not be the goal; instead, the focus should be on looking and feeling better. Contrary to popular belief, looking better and aging gracefully are not mutually exclusive. By shifting the narrative around aging, Brown encourages individuals to celebrate their unique beauty at every stage of life.

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Change Your Makeup Routine:

The third step in Brown’s approach involves adjusting your makeup routine to enhance your natural features and embrace the changes that come with age. She suggests incorporating products that provide moisture and plumpness to soften any lines or wrinkles. Brown acknowledges that our makeup needs evolve as we age, and it’s essential to adapt our routines accordingly. By embracing these changes, individuals can feel confident and empowered in their appearance.

Creating a Pro-Aging Beauty Movement:

Through her brand, Brown aims to cater to individuals of all ages, with a particular focus on those in her age group (she is 66 years old). She acknowledges the need to update the language surrounding aging and seeks input from her followers to help redefine the narrative. Brown wants to champion positivity and health in the beauty industry and find fresh and positive ways to describe women of all ages and skin types.

Positive Response and Empowering Others:

Brown’s message resonated with her followers, who commended her for challenging the traditional notions of aging. Many expressed gratitude for her role in changing the way society thinks about getting older. By embracing aging as a blessing and celebrating the beauty that comes with it, individuals can shift their mindset and feel empowered to live authentically.

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Bobbi Brown’s three-step approach to rethinking aging offers a refreshing perspective on embracing the natural process of getting older. By silencing negative thoughts, banishing the phrase “anti-aging,” and adapting our makeup routines, we can redefine our relationship with aging and embrace our unique beauty at every stage of life. Brown’s message serves as a powerful reminder that aging is a blessing, and by changing the narrative around it, we can inspire others to view aging positively and authentically.

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