Brigitte Nielsen Embraces Aging Gracefully: A Journey of Self-Acceptance and Health

22 November 2023

The iconic actress opens up about her newfound confidence at 60, her commitment to staying healthy, and the joys of being an older mom.

Brigitte Nielsen, the renowned actress who recently celebrated her 60th birthday, radiates confidence and contentment. In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, Nielsen shares her secrets to feeling comfortable in her own skin, her dedication to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and her perspective on aging. With a touch of humor and a dash of honesty, Nielsen invites us into her world, where self-acceptance and personal well-being take center stage.

Embracing the Journey to Self-Acceptance

Nielsen’s journey to self-acceptance has been a transformative one. She admits that she hasn’t always felt comfortable in her own skin, but now, she embraces her age and appearance. With a touch of humor, she acknowledges the role that Botox plays in maintaining her youthful looks, jokingly comparing it to an essential item she never leaves home without. However, she emphasizes that her newfound confidence stems from a deeper sense of self-acceptance.

The Changing Perception of Aging

As Nielsen enters her sixth decade, she acknowledges that societal pressure to maintain a youthful appearance may intensify. However, she remains unfazed, recognizing the inevitable changes that come with age. Nielsen candidly discusses the impact of gravity on women’s bodies as they approach their seventies. While she acknowledges the potential challenges that lie ahead, she takes a pragmatic and optimistic approach, focusing on living life to the fullest.

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A Commitment to Health and Well-being

Nielsen’s commitment to health and well-being is evident in her dedication to staying fit and active. Last year, she embarked on a journey to get into shape, shedding excess weight and adopting a healthy diet. Nielsen emphasizes the importance of exercise, incorporating swimming, cycling, and running into her routine. Her primary motivation is to live healthily well into her eighties, ensuring that she can enjoy precious moments with her daughter Frida, who is currently five years old.

The Joys of Being an Older Mom

Nielsen proudly embraces her role as an older mother, cherishing the unique bond she shares with her daughter. She acknowledges that her decision to have a child later in life comes with its own set of considerations. However, she finds solace in the fact that her husband, Mattia Dessi, who is 15 years her junior, can step in when needed. Nielsen’s perspective on motherhood exemplifies her positive outlook on life, highlighting the benefits of having a young father to support her daughter’s needs.


Brigitte Nielsen’s journey towards self-acceptance and her commitment to health and well-being serve as an inspiring example for individuals of all ages. As she gracefully embraces her 60s, Nielsen reminds us of the importance of embracing our authentic selves, finding joy in every stage of life, and prioritizing our physical and mental well-being. Her story serves as a reminder that age is just a number, and with the right mindset, we can navigate the complexities of aging with grace and confidence.

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