Cardano Foundation Partners with Petrobras to Provide Blockchain Education in the Energy Sector

25 December 2023

The Cardano Foundation and Petrobras collaborate to offer blockchain workshops and explore technology applications in Brazil’s largest corporation.

The Cardano Foundation, a leading organization dedicated to promoting the Cardano blockchain ecosystem, has joined forces with Petrobras, Brazil’s state-owned oil company. The partnership aims to provide blockchain education to Petrobras’ 45,000 employees and explore potential use cases for the technology in the energy sector. This collaboration highlights the growing interest in blockchain education among enterprises and the Cardano Foundation’s expanding reach. The program will cover various blockchain applications and use cases, offering interactive quizzes and a certificate upon completion.

Blockchain Education for Petrobras Employees:

As part of the collaboration, the Cardano Foundation will lead blockchain education workshops for Petrobras employees. The workshops will be conducted through Cardano Academy content, which will be made available via Petrobras University. This initiative aims to equip Petrobras’ workforce with the necessary knowledge and skills related to blockchain technology. By providing comprehensive education, the partnership seeks to foster a deeper understanding of blockchain’s potential and encourage its adoption within the energy sector.

Exploring Blockchain Use Cases in the Energy Sector:

In addition to providing education, the collaboration between the Cardano Foundation and Petrobras aims to explore various use cases for blockchain technology within the energy sector. With its extensive experience and global reach, Petrobras is well-positioned to leverage blockchain’s capabilities to enhance efficiency, transparency, and security in its operations. By identifying and implementing blockchain solutions, Petrobras can further solidify its position as a leader in the industry and drive innovation within the energy sector.

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Unique Nonfungible Tokens (NFTs) and Digital Achievements:

To mark the launch of the blockchain education program, the Cardano Foundation and Petrobras Education Board have collaborated to create unique nonfungible tokens (NFTs). The first 500 participants in the training will receive these NFTs, which will dynamically change to reflect each participant’s progress and milestones throughout the training. These NFTs will serve as digital trackers and showcases of individual achievements, providing participants with a tangible representation of their growth and expertise in blockchain technology.


The partnership between the Cardano Foundation and Petrobras represents a significant step in promoting blockchain education and exploring its potential within the energy sector. By providing workshops and resources, the Cardano Foundation aims to equip Petrobras employees with the necessary knowledge to leverage blockchain technology effectively. This collaboration not only highlights the growing interest in blockchain education among enterprises but also demonstrates the Cardano Foundation’s commitment to expanding the reach of blockchain technology. As the energy sector continues to evolve, embracing blockchain’s capabilities can lead to increased efficiency, transparency, and innovation. The partnership between the Cardano Foundation and Petrobras sets a precedent for future collaborations between blockchain organizations and Fortune 500 companies, paving the way for further advancements in blockchain adoption across various industries.

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