Revoked Radiologist Dr. Wade Banker Loses Appeal to Regain Medical License

23 December 2023

Local doctor’s license revocation upheld by court, raising concerns about patient care and professional judgment

In a recent development, Dr. Wade Banker, a radiologist based in Toledo, Ohio, has lost his appeal to regain his medical license. The Ohio Medical Board revoked Banker’s license in April 2023, citing inadequate treatment of 15 patients over a four-year period. The decision has raised concerns about patient care and the professional judgment of medical practitioners. This article will delve into the details of the case, exploring the reasons behind the license revocation and the subsequent legal proceedings.

Improper care allegations and license revocation

The allegations against Dr. Wade Banker centered around improper care in several cases, particularly related to plastic surgeries. Banker, who owns Luxe Laser Med-Spa in Maumee, offered a range of procedures, including “awake” breast augmentations, tummy tucks, hormone replacement therapy, and laser treatments. The Ohio Medical Board found that Banker’s treatment of 15 patients fell below acceptable standards, leading to the revocation of his license.

Board members express concern

During the original hearing on April 12, 2023, members of the Ohio Medical Board expressed their concerns about Dr. Banker’s practices. Dr. Giacolone, a board member, described the case as “terrifying,” emphasizing the severity of the allegations against Banker. Another board member, Dr. Feibel, argued that Banker should not be allowed to practice, even within his specialty of interventional radiology, due to concerns about his judgment as a physician.

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Banker’s appeal and court decision

Following the revocation of his license, Dr. Banker appealed the decision in a Franklin County court on April 28, 2023. His appeal was based on the argument that the state medical board disregarded an expert opinion regarding cosmetic surgery patients and relied on the opinion of a doctor unfamiliar with hormone therapy. Banker also claimed that he was disciplined for reasons not included in the notice of opportunity for a hearing and accused the board of engaging in anticompetitive practices. However, on October 3, 2023, the court upheld the Ohio Medical Board’s decision, stating that it was supported by substantial evidence and in accordance with the law.

Banker’s continued legal battle

Despite the court’s decision, Dr. Banker has not given up his fight to regain his medical license. On November 14, 2023, he filed an appeal with the Franklin County Court of Appeals. The outcome of this appeal remains uncertain, but it highlights the determination of Banker to challenge the Ohio Medical Board’s decision.


The case of Dr. Wade Banker’s revoked medical license has shed light on the importance of upholding high standards of patient care and professional judgment within the medical field. The allegations against Banker, including inadequate treatment and improper care, have raised concerns about the potential risks patients may face when seeking medical procedures. The court’s decision to uphold the revocation of Banker’s license underscores the seriousness of the accusations and the need for accountability in the medical profession. As the legal battle continues, it remains to be seen how this case will impact the future regulation and oversight of medical practitioners.

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