Celebrity Beauty Moments: A Week of Glamour, Controversy, and Inspiration

16 January 2024

From award show stunners to empowering statements, celebrities made waves with their beauty choices this week.

In the fast-paced world of celebrities, the past week has been a whirlwind of surprises and jaw-dropping beauty moments. From glamorous award show looks to controversial ad campaigns, these stars have captivated our attention with their stunning appearances. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most memorable celebrity beauty moments that defined this week.

FKA Twigs: Challenging Double Standards and Embracing Natural Beauty

FKA Twigs made a powerful statement about her banned Calvin Klein ad, highlighting the double standards that exist in the industry. With a photo showcasing her bare face, freckles, and radiant skin, she defied the label of a “stereotypical sexual object.” Her message resonated with many, sparking a conversation about inclusivity and acceptance.

Justine Skye and SZA: Spreading Positivity Through Beauty

Justine Skye and SZA embraced the power of positivity through their beauty choices. Skye’s thick eyeliner and cheek-contour blush were accompanied by a call to tag a friend and express love. SZA echoed the sentiment, emphasizing the importance of finding joy in life. Their beauty moments served as reminders of the impact we can make through simple acts of kindness.

Angela Bassett: Inspiring Words and Timeless Beauty

Angela Bassett not only delivered an award-winning speech but also wowed us with her timeless beauty. Her bouncy curls and pearlescent skin added to her captivating presence. Bassett’s beauty moment served as a reminder of the grace and elegance that comes with age.

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Fantasia: A Glamorous Transformation

Fantasia stole the show at the Governor’s Awards with her drop-curled mullet, glamorous brows, and ombré eyeshadow. Her bold choices showcased her confidence and willingness to take risks. Fantasia’s beauty moment was a testament to the transformative power of makeup and hairstyling.

Megan Thee Stallion and Lori Harvey: Shimmering Goddesses

Megan Thee Stallion and Lori Harvey brought the shimmer with their beauty moments. Megan’s next-level body glitter added a touch of sparkle to her already radiant appearance. Meanwhile, Lori Harvey’s dewy complexion gave her a mermaid-like glow. Both celebrities reminded us of the enchanting allure of shimmer and shine.

Teyana Taylor: Embracing Boldness with a Red Pixie Cut

Teyana Taylor showed us the beauty of taking risks with her bright-red pixie cut. Her daring hairstyle highlighted her individuality and confidence. Taylor’s beauty moment served as a reminder to embrace our unique features and express ourselves fearlessly.


From thought-provoking statements to stunning transformations, celebrity beauty moments have the power to inspire and captivate. This week, FKA Twigs challenged double standards, while Justine Skye and SZA spread positivity through their beauty choices. Angela Bassett and Fantasia showcased timeless elegance and bold transformations. Megan Thee Stallion and Lori Harvey shimmered like goddesses, while Teyana Taylor embraced her boldness with a striking red pixie cut. These moments remind us of the limitless possibilities that beauty can offer, both inside and out.

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