Celebrity Noses: The Latest Trend in Plastic Surgery Revealed

27 November 2023

Plastic surgeon Dr. Deepak Dugar shares the celebrity noses that patients most desire in their quest for the perfect nose.

In the world of plastic surgery, trends come and go, and one of the latest obsessions is emulating the noses of celebrities. Dr. Deepak Dugar, a renowned plastic surgeon based in Beverly Hills, California, recently shared his insights on the celebrity noses that his patients most often seek to recreate. From the Kardashian sisters to social media influencers, the desire for a particular nose shape has become a popular request in the world of cosmetic surgery.

The Kardashian Influence:

When it comes to celebrity noses, it’s hard to ignore the impact of the Kardashian sisters. Dr. Dugar reveals that their noses have long been idolized by patients seeking rhinoplasty. Whether it’s Kim’s sleek and refined nose or Khloe’s more prominent one, the Kardashian sisters have set the standard for what many consider the perfect nose. Their influence on popular culture and beauty standards cannot be denied.

The Rise of Social Media Influencers:

In recent years, Dr. Dugar has noticed a shift in his patients’ preferences. While the Kardashians still hold a significant influence, more and more people are now seeking the noses of social media influencers. These individuals, who have gained fame and a large following through platforms like Instagram and YouTube, often have distinctive facial features that attract attention. As a result, their noses have become a sought-after aesthetic for those looking to enhance their own appearance.

Gal Gadot’s Natural Beauty:

One celebrity nose that has gained significant popularity in Dr. Dugar’s clinic is that of Israeli actress and model Gal Gadot. Interestingly, Dr. Dugar believes that Gadot’s nose is entirely natural, without any surgical alterations. Patients admire the subtle bump and natural look of her nose, which has sparked a trend towards a more understated and authentic aesthetic. This shift towards embracing natural beauty is becoming increasingly prevalent in the world of plastic surgery.


The desire to emulate celebrity noses has become a prominent trend in the world of plastic surgery. From the Kardashian sisters to social media influencers like Gal Gadot, these celebrities have set the standard for what many consider the perfect nose. However, there is also a growing movement towards embracing natural beauty, with patients seeking more understated and authentic aesthetics. Plastic surgeons like Dr. Deepak Dugar play a crucial role in helping patients achieve their desired look while ensuring their safety and well-being. As trends continue to evolve, it will be interesting to see which celebrity noses become the next sought-after aesthetic in the world of cosmetic surgery.

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