Arizona Women Allege Plastic Surgeon Operated While Drunk, Leaving Them Disfigured

8 January 2024

Two women in Arizona file lawsuits against a prominent plastic surgeon, claiming he operated on them while intoxicated, resulting in botched procedures and lasting physical and emotional damage.

Two women in Arizona have come forward with lawsuits against Dr. Bradley Becker, a well-known plastic surgeon, alleging that he operated on them while under the influence of alcohol. Wendy Ellsworth, 51, and Alicia Armijo, 32, both claim that Dr. Becker smelled strongly of booze on the mornings of their surgeries, and they now suffer from disfigurement and emotional distress as a result. The lawsuits accuse Dr. Becker of medical negligence, battery, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. Dr. Becker’s attorney denies the allegations and asserts his commitment to providing quality care to his patients.

A Dream Turned Nightmare: Ellsworth’s Botched Surgery

Wendy Ellsworth, who had undergone significant weight loss and was seeking a tummy tuck and breast lift, chose Dr. Becker based on recommendations from social media groups and a clean record with the medical board. However, on the day of her surgery, Ellsworth claims that Dr. Becker appeared intoxicated and rushed through the pre-operative markings. Despite her concerns, she proceeded with the procedure, only to discover that she had been left disfigured. Ellsworth’s body now bears visible scars, uneven breasts, and excess skin that resembles shelves on her hips.

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Armijo’s Similar Experience and Regret

Alicia Armijo, who had also scheduled a surgery with Dr. Becker, saw Ellsworth’s Facebook post detailing her experience and realized that she had gone through the same ordeal. Armijo claims that Dr. Becker’s behavior during her surgery was alarming, and she had even considered canceling the procedure after another woman warned her about him. Armijo, like Ellsworth, was left with unsightly scars, excess skin, and ongoing infections. She regrets not seeking a refund and feels trapped in a body that has been permanently altered.

Alleged Dismissive Attitude and Lack of Accountability

Both Ellsworth and Armijo claim that Dr. Becker dismissed their concerns about the results of their surgeries. Ellsworth says that Dr. Becker attributed her dissatisfaction to normal swelling and told her it could take up to two years for the issues to resolve. Armijo, on the other hand, alleges that Dr. Becker did not introduce himself as the surgeon to her fiancé and made different markings than during their initial consultation. Both women assert that their emotional and mental health has suffered greatly as a result of their experiences.

A Growing Number of Victims

Ellsworth asserts that she is in contact with over a dozen other women who have allegedly had similar experiences with Dr. Becker. She is determined to ensure that their voices are heard and that justice is served. The women involved in the lawsuits hope that their cases will shed light on the alleged misconduct and prevent others from suffering the same fate.

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Conclusion: The lawsuits against Dr. Bradley Becker, a prominent plastic surgeon in Arizona, highlight the devastating consequences that can arise when medical professionals allegedly operate while under the influence. Wendy Ellsworth and Alicia Armijo claim to have been left disfigured and emotionally traumatized after their surgeries. These cases serve as a sobering reminder of the importance of ensuring the accountability and integrity of healthcare providers. As the legal proceedings unfold, it remains to be seen what the outcome will be for the women affected and whether their stories will prompt changes in the industry to protect future patients.

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