Celebrity Winter Beauty: 6 Must-See Beauty Moments from the Weekend

20 December 2023

This past weekend, our favorite celebrities took some time off to enjoy winter wonderlands and indulge in various activities. From trips to Aspen to a bestie date in Paris, they showcased quick and everyday hair and makeup looks. Red blush, snowy blonde hair, and neutral pink nails were just a few of the trends that caught our attention. Let’s dive into the beauty moments that made waves over the weekend.

Ming Lee Simmons’ Blushy Cheeks and Sleek Hair in Aspen

Ming Lee Simmons embraced the cold weather in Aspen with her red blushy cheeks and minimal contour. Her long, black hair was elegantly pulled back with a headband, adding a touch of sophistication to her look. Ming Lee’s no-makeup look highlighted her ultra-hydrated skin, a must-have for battling the chill on the ski slopes.

Lori Harvey’s Chic Bun and Natural Makeup in Aspen

Lori Harvey opted for a sleek bun and natural makeup during her Aspen getaway. Her effortless beauty look perfectly complemented her no-fuss style. With minimal makeup and ultra-hydrated skin, Lori embraced the cold weather while maintaining a chic and sophisticated appearance.

Sabrina Elba’s Parisian Brown Lip and Mascara Look

Sabrina Elba chose a minimalistic approach during her weekend trip to Paris. Sporting a short cut, she paired it with a brown lip and mascara, allowing her natural beauty to shine through. Sabrina’s simple yet elegant beauty look perfectly captured the essence of Parisian charm.

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Beyoncé’s Blonde Half-Up Wig and Matte Makeup

Beyoncé whisked herself away on a getaway that included wine tasting, and she did it in style. Rocking a blonde half-up wig, she exuded glamour and sophistication. Beyoncé opted for a matte makeup look, featuring a peach-toned lip and matching nail polish, creating a cohesive and stunning appearance.

Summer Walker’s Platinum Wig and Full Glam

Summer Walker turned heads with her full-bodied platinum wig and full glam makeup. With eyelash extensions, full-coverage foundation, and a light nude eyeshadow, she showcased a bold and glamorous look. Summer’s beauty moment was all about making a statement and embracing her unique style.

Justine Skye’s Fresh-Faced Look at the Gun Range

Justine Skye took a break at the gun range and embraced a fresh-faced look. With just a touch of lip gloss and slicked edges, she exuded confidence and natural beauty. Justine’s low-key beauty moment highlighted the importance of embracing simplicity and letting your natural features shine.


The weekend was filled with captivating beauty moments from our favorite celebrities. From Aspen to Paris, they showcased a range of looks, from minimalistic to full glam. Whether it was Ming Lee Simmons’ red blushy cheeks or Justine Skye’s fresh-faced look, each beauty moment had its own unique charm. These celebrities continue to inspire us with their effortless style and ability to embrace their natural beauty.

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