Celebrity Winter Beauty: A Weekend of Effortless Glamour

19 December 2023

From Aspen to Paris, celebrities embraced natural beauty and low-key glam during their winter getaways.

This past weekend, our favorite celebrities enjoyed winter wonderlands across the globe. From Aspen to Paris, their escapades showcased a refreshing departure from red carpet glamour, as they opted for quick, everyday hair and makeup looks. With red blush, snowy blonde hair, and neutral pink nails, these stars effortlessly embodied the essence of winter beauty.

Aspen’s Cold Weather Chic

In Aspen, Ming Lee Simmons sported red blush that perfectly complemented her rosy cheeks, paired with minimal contouring. Her long, black hair was elegantly pulled back with a headband, exuding a chic yet practical vibe. Similarly, Lori Harvey opted for a sleek bun and a no-makeup look, emphasizing the importance of hydrated skin to combat the cold weather on the ski slopes. Sabrina Elba, on a weekend trip to Paris, embraced a minimalist approach with a brown lip and mascara, effortlessly enhancing her short cut.

Beyoncé’s Wine Tasting Getaway

Beyoncé embarked on a glamorous getaway that included wine tasting, donning a stunning blonde half-up wig. The queen Bey opted for a matte makeup look, featuring a peach-toned lip and matching nail polish. While she showcased her signature glamour, she also embraced a more relaxed and natural aesthetic.

Summer Walker’s Platinum Glam

Summer Walker shared a photo on the porch of an extravagant home, sporting a full-bodied platinum wig. Her makeup look exuded full glam, with eyelash extensions, full-coverage foundation, and a light nude eyeshadow. The singer effortlessly balanced sophistication and edginess, creating a captivating beauty moment.

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Justine Skye’s Gun Range Chic

Justine Skye showed off her unique style at the gun range, opting for a clean face with a touch of lip gloss and slicked edges. Her minimalistic approach highlighted her natural beauty, proving that sometimes less is more.


This weekend, celebrities showcased their effortless winter beauty looks, embracing natural aesthetics and low-key glam. From Aspen to Paris, their choices reflected the desire for simplicity and authenticity, while still exuding elegance and style. Whether it was red blush in the cold, a blonde half-up wig, or a clean face at the gun range, these beauty moments served as a reminder that beauty can be found in the simplest of expressions.

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