Colin Jost Reveals His Skincare Secrets in a Hilarious Public Restroom Vlog

3 January 2024

The Saturday Night Live star takes viewers through his skincare routine using products from wife Scarlett Johansson’s skincare line, The Outset, in a sarcastic and relatable video.

Colin Jost, known for his comedic talent on Saturday Night Live, has recently shared his skincare routine in a rather unconventional setting—a public restroom. In a video filmed for his wife Scarlett Johansson’s skincare line, The Outset, Jost takes viewers through his skincare regimen with his trademark sarcastic humor. The video offers a glimpse into the couple’s banter and showcases Jost’s role as both an onscreen talent and a willing “guinea pig” for The Outset’s products.

A Comedic Skincare Routine in Unlikely Surroundings

In the video, Jost begins by jokingly stating that he is filming in the office building where his wife allegedly works. Sporting a branded sweatshirt from The Outset, he humorously explains that Johansson instructed him to find a bathroom in the building to film the routine. Jost, with a touch of irony, remarks that he has ended up in a public women’s bathroom, where he proceeds to demonstrate his skincare routine at a random sink—an experience he quips is “every New Yorker’s dream.”

Sarcasm and Skincare: Jost’s Playful Approach

Jost’s skincare routine involves using products from The Outset, starting with the brand’s gentle micellar cleanser. With his dry sense of humor, he amusingly refers to drying his face as a “really nice follow-up to wetting my face.” He then applies The Outset’s prep serum and daily moisturizer, all the while maintaining his comedic commentary. The video takes an unexpected turn when someone enters the bathroom, briefly interrupting Jost’s routine. He jokes about the awkwardness of the situation, imagining the person needing to wash their hands while he continues his skincare regimen.

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Eye Cream Enthusiasm and Final Thoughts

As an avid eye-cream user, Jost concludes his routine by applying The Outset’s vitamin C under-eye moisturizer. With a touch of self-awareness, he questions whether he should ask viewers to “like and subscribe,” before humorously inviting them to join him in the bathroom regularly. The video showcases Jost’s ability to bring laughter to even the most mundane activities.


Colin Jost’s humorous skincare routine video in a public restroom offers a lighthearted glimpse into his partnership with wife Scarlett Johansson’s skincare line, The Outset. Through his sarcastic commentary, Jost showcases the brand’s products while also providing entertainment for viewers. This video is just one example of the couple’s relatable banter and Jost’s willingness to be a skincare “guinea pig.” While the video may be comedic in nature, it highlights the genuine enthusiasm and passion both Jost and Johansson have for The Outset’s skincare line.

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