Colin Jost Reveals Unconventional Skincare Routine in Hilarious Video

5 January 2024

The Saturday Night Live star shares his skincare secrets using wife Scarlett Johansson’s skincare line, The Outset, in a public restroom.

Colin Jost, known for his witty humor on Saturday Night Live, recently took to a public restroom to share his skincare routine with the world. Using products from his wife Scarlett Johansson’s skincare line, The Outset, Jost’s video is as sarcastic and entertaining as one would expect. In this unconventional setting, Jost humorously demonstrates his skincare routine, providing a glimpse into his everyday life and the relatable banter between him and Johansson.

A Comedic Skincare Routine in a Public Restroom

Jost begins the video by jokingly stating that he is in the office building where his wife allegedly works. Clad in a branded sweatshirt from The Outset, he explains how Johansson instructed him to film the routine in a random bathroom within the building. With a touch of irony, Jost finds himself in a public women’s bathroom, hoping for no interruptions while he demonstrates his skincare routine in a random sink. He humorously refers to it as “every New Yorker’s dream.”

The Outset’s Products Take Center Stage

In the video, Jost showcases The Outset’s skincare products, starting with the gentle micellar cleanser for cleansing his face. He jokingly comments on the experience of drying his face after wetting it, adding a humorous touch to the routine. Moving on, he applies The Outset’s prep serum and daily moisturizer. However, his routine is momentarily interrupted when someone enters the bathroom, prompting Jost to joke about the awkwardness of continuing his skincare routine while someone else is present.

Eye-Cream Enthusiasm and Final Thoughts

As an eye-cream enthusiast, Jost completes his routine by applying The Outset’s vitamin C under-eye moisturizer. With a touch of self-awareness, he concludes the video by questioning if he should ask viewers to “like and subscribe,” showcasing his humorous take on the world of vlogging. Jost ends on a lighthearted note, expressing his joy in filming the video and even inviting viewers to join him in the bathroom regularly.


Colin Jost’s comedic skincare routine in a public restroom using The Outset products offers a glimpse into his everyday life and the banter between him and his wife, Scarlett Johansson. Through humor and sarcasm, Jost showcases the effectiveness of The Outset’s skincare line while providing entertainment for his audience. It’s clear that Jost’s unique approach to skincare reflects his personality and adds a touch of hilarity to an otherwise mundane routine.

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