Defining Beauty Wellness & Med Spa: Your Go-To Destination for Image-Improving Treatments

18 December 2023

Advanced Practice Registered Nurse-Family Nurse Practitioner Karma Nguyen offers a comprehensive range of personalized treatments at her New Tampa-based med spa.

In a world where there are numerous options for image-improving treatments, it can be overwhelming to know where to begin. That’s where Karma Nguyen, the owner of Defining Beauty Wellness & Med Spa in New Tampa, comes in. With her extensive education and experience as an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse-Family Nurse Practitioner (APRN-FNP), Karma is well-equipped to educate and administer the latest treatments to help clients achieve their desired look.

Facial Skin Care:

Defining Beauty Wellness & Med Spa offers a variety of facial skin care options. Whether you’re dealing with facial hair, acne, or simply want a personalized facial, Karma can provide tailored treatments along with recommendations for daily skin maintenance. The spa is also known for its HydraFacial™, a popular facial treatment that uses a vacuum-like device to cleanse, moisturize, and brighten the skin. Additionally, clients can opt for PRX Derm Perfexion or PRX-T33 facials, microneedling, or chemical peels with varying levels of skin activity.

IV Infusions:

For those interested in IV infusions, Karma offers over a dozen different therapies that combine vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to address specific needs such as hydration, mental health, athletic recovery, and performance. These infusions can provide a boost to overall well-being and help clients achieve their health goals.

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Karma’s Qualifications:

With over 18 years of experience as a licensed nurse, Karma has a solid foundation in healthcare. She obtained her Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) and Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degrees from Chamberlain University, Chicago, IL. After completing her MSN, Karma became an APRN and furthered her education in aesthetic techniques through additional certifications and hands-on training in New York, Texas, and various parts of Florida. Dr. Binu Jacob, M.D., serves as the med spa’s medical director.

Personalized Treatment Plans:

Before administering any treatment, Karma conducts a thorough consultation with each client. This allows her to understand their current health status, address their skin care or body concerns, and determine their desired outcomes. Karma believes in being open and honest with her patients, ensuring they have realistic expectations and understand the pros and cons of each treatment option. She emphasizes that while significant results can be achieved, surgical-type outcomes require surgical procedures.

Research and Education:

Karma encourages her clients to do their own research and provides a detailed Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section on the Defining Beauty website. This resource offers information on the proprietary lasers and injectable products used at the spa, including what to expect, who is suitable for treatment, possible risks and side effects, and the duration of results. Armed with this knowledge, clients can make informed decisions about their treatments.

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Kimberly Clawson, a Defining Beauty patient, speaks highly of Karma’s professionalism, expertise, and flexibility. Kimberly, who had been on a weight loss journey and sought cosmetic treatments, found Karma’s reputation as a trustworthy and competent practitioner to be well-deserved. She commends Karma for her personalized approach, accommodating schedule, and affordable pricing. Kimberly also appreciates Karma’s commitment to patient safety, as she refused to perform a treatment that could potentially harm her due to a history of allergies.

Beauty Maintenance and Memberships:

Defining Beauty Wellness & Med Spa offers a wide selection of ZO® and Obagi Medical® skin care products for clients to continue their beauty maintenance at home. Additionally, monthly memberships are available, offering benefits such as free monthly HydraFacials®, discounts on facials, products, and injectables, and the option to gift treatments to others.

Future Expansion:

Karma has plans to expand Defining Beauty Wellness & Med Spa in the near future. She has recently added a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) named Michael to offer massage services and is introducing a new treatment option for rejuvenation near the eyes.


Defining Beauty Wellness & Med Spa, led by Karma Nguyen, offers a comprehensive range of personalized treatments to help clients achieve their desired look. With her extensive qualifications and commitment to patient care, Karma ensures that each client receives a tailored treatment plan and realistic expectations. Whether it’s facial skin care, IV infusions, or beauty maintenance, Defining Beauty is the go-to destination for those seeking professional and effective image-improving treatments.

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