Dolly Parton Reveals Her Thoughts on Plastic Surgery, Reflects on Kenny Rogers’ Experience

22 November 2023

The legendary Dolly Parton opens up about her own approach to cosmetic procedures and shares her thoughts on the late Kenny Rogers’ experiences with plastic surgery.

Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers were not only musical legends but also close friends who shared a brother-sister bond. Parton recently spoke about her last meeting with Rogers and their lighthearted banter about his plastic surgery. In this article, we delve into Parton’s perspective on cosmetic procedures, her advice on finding the right doctors, and her reflections on Rogers’ experiences.

A Joking Exchange

During one of their final encounters, Parton seized the opportunity to tease Rogers about his facelift. She humorously remarked, “Kenny, I’m glad I got to live long enough to see you grow into your facelift.” Rogers found the comment hilarious, highlighting the camaraderie and playful nature of their friendship.

Rogers’ Transparent Approach

Rogers openly acknowledged his decision to undergo cosmetic procedures, confessing that he felt compelled to keep up with the younger generation of talent. Despite seeking the services of a renowned doctor, he expressed regret about the work done around his eyes. Rogers often pondered how he would have looked without the surgery, emphasizing the uncertainties that come with such procedures.

Parton’s Role in Rogers’ Journey

Parton revealed that she played a comforting role in Rogers’ experience with plastic surgery, offering him reassurance and support. She acknowledged that men face unique challenges, as they cannot rely on makeup to conceal any imperfections. Parton praised the skills of Rogers’ surgeon, highlighting the importance of finding reputable doctors for such procedures.

Parton’s Approach to Cosmetic Procedures

When it comes to her own cosmetic journey, Parton emphasized the significance of caution. She opts for small, gradual changes, primarily relying on fillers and Botox when necessary. Parton stressed the importance of finding the best doctors and seeking recommendations from trusted sources. She acknowledged the risks associated with facial procedures, as they can alter one’s expressions and even personality.

The Importance of Balance

Parton shared that she often receives inquiries about her youthful appearance and advises others to find reputable doctors. While she has shared the names of her trusted doctors with some celebrity friends, she also cautions against overdoing it. Parton believes that maintaining a natural look is crucial and reminds individuals that going under the knife always carries some level of risk.


Dolly Parton’s candid revelations about her own experiences with cosmetic procedures shed light on the careful approach she takes towards maintaining her appearance. Her lighthearted banter with Kenny Rogers about plastic surgery reflects the bond they shared as friends. Parton’s advice on finding reputable doctors and being cautious about overdoing procedures serves as a reminder that balance and careful consideration are key when it comes to altering one’s appearance. Ultimately, Parton’s reflections on cosmetic procedures provide insight into the mindset of a legendary performer who has navigated the pressures of the entertainment industry while staying true to herself.

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