Dr. Mary Kelly Green and TX 400 Advocate for Jenifer’s Law to Protect Medical Spa Clients

23 December 2023

Legislation Aims to Ensure Physician Oversight and Transparency in the Med Spa Industry

The tragic death of Jenifer Cleveland at Luxe Med Spa in Wortham, Texas, has prompted Marble Falls ophthalmologist Dr. Mary Kelly Green and the nonprofit organization TX 400 to take action. Together, they are working towards the introduction of Jenifer’s Law in the upcoming Texas legislative session. This legislation aims to protect patients undergoing beauty and health treatments at medical spas by ensuring physician oversight and increasing transparency in the industry.

The Need for Legislation

The untimely passing of Jenifer Cleveland during an IV treatment at Luxe Med Spa has shed light on the lack of regulation and oversight in the med spa industry. Cleveland’s death was a result of receiving treatment from an unlicensed individual, highlighting the potential dangers faced by patients seeking aesthetic and health treatments. Dr. Green and TX 400 believe that such incidents should not be allowed to occur and are advocating for Jenifer’s Law to address these issues.

The Role of TX 400

TX 400, a nonprofit organization founded by Dr. Mary Kelly Green and her colleagues, is dedicated to protecting patients in the medical field. With a focus on medical spas, TX 400 aims to provide transparency, oversight, and accountability in an industry that currently lacks proper regulation. The organization is working tirelessly to draft and advocate for the passage of Jenifer’s Law, which would bring about significant changes to the med spa industry in Texas.

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Understanding Medical Spas

Medical spas offer a range of treatments, including skin laser treatments, injectables like Botox and fillers, and IV drip therapy. While many medical spas follow safe and ethical practices, the sheer number of establishments makes it difficult to regulate the industry effectively. A recent study conducted by TX 400 revealed that approximately 300 med spas in Texas operate without a physician on-site, highlighting the need for legislation to ensure patient safety.

The Importance of Physician Oversight

Jenifer’s Law aims to address the issue of physician oversight in the med spa industry. Currently, physicians can delegate duties to unlicensed employees, creating a potential loophole for malpractice and unsafe practices. The proposed legislation seeks to close this loophole by mandating physician oversight during all medical spa treatments. This would provide patients with the assurance that their procedures are being performed by qualified professionals under the supervision of a licensed physician.

Transparency and Patient Empowerment

In addition to physician oversight, Jenifer’s Law also aims to increase transparency in the med spa industry. Patients would be encouraged to ask questions about the qualifications and training of the individuals performing their treatments. By empowering patients to inquire about the procedures, the legislation seeks to ensure that individuals are fully informed and aware of the potential risks involved. Transparency in healthcare is crucial for patient safety and well-being.

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The tragic death of Jenifer Cleveland at Luxe Med Spa has sparked a movement for change in the med spa industry. Dr. Mary Kelly Green and TX 400 are leading the charge to advocate for Jenifer’s Law, a piece of legislation that would protect patients undergoing treatments at medical spas in Texas. By ensuring physician oversight and increasing transparency, this law aims to prevent future incidents and provide patients with the peace of mind they deserve. With the support of lawmakers, Dr. Green and TX 400 are determined to bring about meaningful change that will safeguard the well-being of individuals seeking beauty and health treatments at medical spas across the state.

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