Eagles Lose Linebacker Christian Elliss on Waivers: A Costly Miscalculation

9 December 2023

The Philadelphia Eagles’ decision to waive linebacker Christian Elliss backfires as he is claimed by the New England Patriots, leaving the Eagles without a key special teams contributor.

In a surprising turn of events, the Philadelphia Eagles’ plan to waive linebacker Christian Elliss and bring him back to their practice squad has backfired. Instead of clearing waivers, Elliss was claimed by the New England Patriots, leaving the Eagles without a valuable special teams player. This unexpected outcome has raised questions about the Eagles’ decision-making and the impact it may have on their performance going forward.

A Missed Opportunity

The Eagles’ front office made a miscalculation when they decided to release Elliss, hoping to slip him through waivers and retain him on their practice squad. However, this plan fell apart when the Patriots, along with five other teams, put in a claim for the talented linebacker. It appears that the Eagles underestimated Elliss’ value to other teams and paid the price for their oversight.

Curious Decision-Making

While the loss of Elliss may not be detrimental to the Eagles’ overall season, it does raise eyebrows considering their other options for creating a roster spot. Instead of placing incoming linebacker Shaq Leonard on the practice squad or cutting a less essential player, the Eagles chose to part ways with Elliss. This decision seems puzzling, especially considering Elliss’ contributions on special teams.

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Impact on Special Teams

One area where the Eagles are likely to feel the absence of Elliss is on special teams. If they had successfully placed him on the practice squad, Elliss would have been eligible to be elevated three times for game days. This flexibility would have allowed the Eagles to utilize his skills on special teams when needed. However, with Elliss now with the Patriots, the Eagles will have to find a way to fill the void left by his departure.

The Eagles’ Special Teams Success

Under the guidance of special teams coordinator Michael Clay, the Eagles have excelled on special teams this season. Elliss has played a significant role in this success, leading the team in special teams snaps in 2023. His absence will undoubtedly be felt, but head coach Nick Sirianni remains optimistic about the team’s ability to adapt and continue their strong performance on special teams.

Moving Forward

While the loss of Elliss is a setback for the Eagles, Sirianni expresses confidence in the team’s depth at the linebacker position. The Eagles currently have four off-ball linebackers on their roster, including Leonard, Zach Cunningham, Nicholas Morrow, and Ben VanSumeren. Sirianni believes that the team has enough talent to compensate for Elliss’ departure and maintain their defensive strength.

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The Eagles’ decision to waive linebacker Christian Elliss in an attempt to retain him on their practice squad has proven to be a costly miscalculation. Losing Elliss to the New England Patriots not only deprives the Eagles of a valuable special teams contributor but also raises questions about the team’s decision-making process. As they move forward, the Eagles will need to find a way to fill the void left by Elliss’ departure and continue their success on special teams.

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