Philadelphia Eagles’ Pass Defense Shows Encouraging Signs, Secondary Coming Together

26 November 2023

Despite criticism, the Eagles’ pass defense is making strides, with the secondary showing promise and limiting yards per pass attempt.

The Philadelphia Eagles’ pass defense has been a subject of criticism this season, with injuries plaguing the secondary and players being thrust into unfamiliar positions. However, there are encouraging signs that the unit is coming together and making strides. Despite ranking 28th in the league in passing yards allowed, the Eagles are ninth in passing yards allowed per play. This disparity can be attributed to their strong run defense and the fact that they often find themselves in the lead, forcing opponents to throw more frequently. Furthermore, the performance of Kevin Byard and Bradley Roby in their first game together bodes well for the future. As the secondary continues to gel and develop chemistry, the pass defense should only improve.

Eagles’ Pass Defense: Limiting Yards Per Pass Attempt

The Eagles’ pass defense may be criticized for its total yards allowed, but they are excelling in limiting yards per pass attempt. Currently allowing 6.1 yards per pass attempt, the same figure as the 2017 Super Bowl-championship team, the Eagles are in the top 10 in the league in this category. This statistic is a testament to the secondary’s ability to limit big plays and keep opposing quarterbacks in check. While total yards are important, the ability to restrict yards per pass attempt is a positive sign for the Eagles’ pass defense.

Secondary Coming Together

The recent game against the Kansas City Chiefs showcased the potential of the Eagles’ secondary. With Kevin Byard and Bradley Roby on the field together for the first time, the defense showed signs of improvement. The presence of a strong secondary allows for better communication and coordination, enabling players to play faster and with more confidence. As the secondary continues to grow and develop chemistry, the pass defense should become even more formidable. The Eagles’ ability to weather injuries and utilize different defensive backs throughout the season has allowed them to reach a record of 9-1. With a fully healthy secondary, the pass defense should only continue to improve.

Eagles vs. Bills: Stats and Preview

As the Eagles prepare to face the Buffalo Bills in Week 12, there are areas they can focus on to improve their performance. One such area is their use of Pony personnel, which has been limited thus far. Increasing the number of designed rollouts could benefit quarterback Jalen Hurts, provided his knee is healthy. The Eagles’ numbers remain consistent, but incorporating more rollouts could add a new dimension to their offense.

Bills’ Offense Presents Challenges

The Bills’ offense, led by quarterback Josh Allen, poses a challenge for the Eagles’ defense. Allen has the ability to be one of the best quarterbacks in the league when he’s on form. The key for the Eagles will be to limit Allen’s big plays and force him to make shorter, controlled passes. While the Eagles have allowed the tenth-most passing yards in the league, they have also made it difficult for teams to convert those yards into touchdowns. Turnovers will be crucial in containing the Bills’ offense, and the Eagles’ defense will need to capitalize on any opportunities to force turnovers.


Despite criticism, the Philadelphia Eagles’ pass defense is showing signs of improvement. While they may rank low in total passing yards allowed, their ability to limit yards per pass attempt is encouraging. The secondary is coming together, with Kevin Byard and Bradley Roby making an impact in their first game together. As the season progresses and the secondary continues to develop chemistry, the pass defense should become even stronger. The upcoming game against the Buffalo Bills presents a challenge, but if the Eagles can continue to limit big plays and force turnovers, they have a good chance of success.

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