Elements Wellness and Med Spa: A Haven for Holistic Wellness in Perham

7 December 2023

A family’s personal journey leads to the establishment of a thriving wellness and med spa in Perham.

Perham, a small city in Minnesota, is no stranger to unique businesses that contribute to its vibrant community. The latest addition to its roster is Elements Wellness and Med Spa, a wellness-focused establishment that has quickly gained popularity since its opening in the summer. Owned by Troy and Tonya Diggins, Elements offers a range of services aimed at promoting holistic well-being. This article explores the journey behind the creation of Elements Wellness and Med Spa and the diverse services it provides.

The Journey to Wellness:

The inspiration for Elements Wellness and Med Spa began when Troy Diggins fell ill with COVID-19 and realized the need for significant lifestyle changes due to underlying health issues. Tonya, a certified nurse midwife, delved into researching alternative medicines and therapies. Their daughter’s health struggles further motivated them to create a space where these scattered services could be offered conveniently under one roof. The couple found the perfect location in an empty building on First Avenue South, adjacent to Sweet Bees.

A Holistic Haven:

Stepping into Elements Wellness and Med Spa, visitors are greeted by a beautifully decorated lobby and entrance. The interior has been thoughtfully renovated, featuring cozy waiting rooms and private treatment rooms adorned with soothing colors. The range of services available is impressive, including an infrared sauna pod, photobiomodulation red light therapy bed, float beds, infrared therapy sauna, compression therapy, and a vitality booth. Elements aims to complement existing wellness practices, working in collaboration with professionals such as chiropractors and physical therapists to enhance clients’ overall well-being.

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A Vision for Wellness:

Troy and Tonya Diggins envisioned Elements Wellness and Med Spa as a comprehensive wellness destination. They wanted to address the needs of the community by providing a wide array of treatments and therapies. By offering services like float tanks locally, they eliminated the need for individuals to travel to larger cities for specialized treatments. Moreover, the establishment of Elements has contributed to the local economy, as clients often visit neighboring businesses like Gathering Grounds for a cup of coffee after their wellness sessions.

Thriving Amidst Growing Demand:

Since its opening, Elements Wellness and Med Spa has experienced rapid growth. The business has expanded its team and extended its operating hours to accommodate the increasing number of clients. The positive feedback and stories of individuals benefiting from the services provided by Elements have been a source of encouragement for the owners. Their belief in the power of holistic wellness has been reinforced by the success of their venture.


Elements Wellness and Med Spa has become a sanctuary for holistic wellness in Perham. The journey of the Diggins family, driven by personal health experiences, has resulted in the creation of a thriving business that offers a diverse range of services. By providing a convenient location for various wellness treatments, Elements has not only improved the well-being of its clients but has also contributed to the local economy. As the demand for holistic wellness continues to grow, Elements Wellness and Med Spa stands as a testament to the power of a comprehensive approach to well-being.

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