Epic Games Adjusts Policy to Allow AO-Rated Blockchain Games on Its Store Platform

25 December 2023

Epic Games introduces exception for Adults Only (AO)-rated blockchain games, marking a significant shift in its content policy.

Epic Games, the renowned video game developer and publisher, has recently made a notable change to its content policy regarding Adults Only (AO) games on its store platform. While the company continues to ban the majority of games with an AO rating, it has now introduced an exception for blockchain games that have received this rating due to their use of the controversial technology. This development comes after Epic Games re-listed two games, Gods Unchained and Striker Manager 3, which were initially removed from the platform following their AO ratings by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB).

A Paradigm Shift in Epic’s Policy:

The decision by Epic Games to allow AO-rated blockchain games on its store platform represents a significant shift in its content policy. Previously, games with an AO rating were strictly prohibited. However, the company’s willingness to make an exception for blockchain games demonstrates its recognition of the evolving landscape of the gaming industry and the increasing prominence of blockchain technology.

The Criteria for Approval:

Under the revised policy, blockchain games that incorporate Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) or blockchain technology will be considered for listing on the Epic Games Store (EGS). However, it is important to note that these games must adhere to certain guidelines. They cannot promote gambling, pornography, hateful content, or any other objectionable material. By imposing these restrictions, Epic Games aims to ensure that the inclusion of blockchain technology in these games does not compromise the overall integrity and values of their platform.

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A Brief History of Epic’s Stance on NFTs:

The of blockchain and NFTs in the gaming industry has been met with mixed reactions. While some view it as a promising revenue source, others remain skeptical about its potential benefits. Valve, the company behind the popular gaming platform Steam, caused controversy in 2021 when it banned the use of blockchain technology on its platform. In contrast, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney extended an open invitation to blockchain developers, welcoming their creations on the EGS.

Epic’s NFT Journey:

In the summer of 2022, Epic Games took a decisive step by allowing NFT and Web3 games to be listed on its storefront. This move set Epic Games apart from Valve’s stance against blockchain technology. Despite the controversial AO rating, Epic Games remains committed to its promise of embracing blockchain games on its platform, demonstrating its willingness to adapt and explore emerging trends in the gaming industry.


Epic Games’ decision to adjust its policy regarding AO-rated games on its store platform marks a significant milestone in the company’s evolution. By allowing blockchain games with an AO rating, Epic Games acknowledges the growing influence of blockchain technology in the gaming industry. While maintaining strict guidelines to ensure responsible content, Epic Games is poised to continue embracing innovative developments in the gaming world. As the landscape of gaming continues to evolve, Epic Games’ willingness to adapt and explore new possibilities positions it at the forefront of the industry’s ongoing transformation.

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