Hong Kong Beauty Centre Director and Employee Arrested for Illegal Botox Injections

1 December 2023

Hong Kong police crack down on illegal beauty centre offering unregistered medical treatments

In a recent operation, Hong Kong police arrested a beauty centre director and her employee on suspicion of illegally administering Botox injections to at least 800 clients. The suspects were apprehended during a raid at the beauty centre on Nathan Road in Mong Kok. The arrests highlight the dangers posed by unregistered practitioners and the importance of verifying the credentials of medical professionals.

Unregistered Practitioners and Illegal Activities

The operation, led by a plain-clothes policewoman posing as a customer, aimed to gather evidence against the beauty centre before the raid. During the operation, officers seized botulinum toxin, steroids, adrenaline and whitening injections, as well as antibiotics, sleeping pills, bogus documents, and a purported local doctor stamp. Superintendent Alan Chung of the Kowloon West regional crime unit emphasized that the suspects were not medical practitioners and that botulinum toxin injections should only be performed by registered doctors.

Scope of Illegal Practices

According to preliminary investigations, the beauty centre provided Botox injections to at least 800 customers over the past two years. Each customer was charged a minimum of HK$2,000 (US$256) per injection. Despite the large number of clients, local authorities had not received any complaints from customers about feeling unwell after treatments at the centre. However, the use of unregistered practitioners poses significant risks, as their lack of medical training and oversight can lead to serious health complications.

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Legal Consequences and Investigation

The beauty centre director, aged 36, and her employee, aged 34, were arrested on suspicion of illegally practicing medicine, possessing antibiotics and controlled drugs, and using forged documents. The investigation revealed that the bogus documents and stamp were used to purchase the drugs. In Hong Kong, the unregistered practice of medicine carries a maximum penalty of three years in jail, while the use of forged documents can result in up to 14 years of imprisonment.

Lack of Medical Education and Public Safety

A source familiar with the case disclosed that the director had no prior medicine-related education and was a former employee of another beauty centre. This highlights the need for stricter regulations and oversight in the beauty industry to ensure that only qualified professionals are allowed to administer medical treatments. The incident serves as a reminder that consumers must be vigilant and verify the credentials of practitioners before undergoing any medical procedures.


The arrest of a beauty centre director and her employee in Hong Kong for illegally administering Botox injections sheds light on the dangers of unregistered practitioners and the need for stricter regulations in the beauty industry. The operation, which resulted in the seizure of various drugs and forged documents, highlights the risks associated with unregulated medical treatments. It serves as a reminder for consumers to verify the credentials of practitioners and consult licensed physicians for safe and reliable medical procedures. The investigation is ongoing, and authorities are committed to ensuring public safety and holding those responsible for illegal practices accountable.

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