The Fall of Congressman Santos: A Tale of Fabrication, Fraud, and Expulsion

29 November 2023

After a year in office, Republican representative George Santos of New York faces expulsion from the US House of Representatives due to a series of fabricated stories, financial misconduct, and ethical violations.

In the annals of the US House of Representatives, only five members have ever been expelled from the hallowed institution. This week, Republican representative George Santos of New York could very well become the sixth. Santos’s tumultuous journey in Congress began with a scandal even before he was sworn into office—a revelation that he had fabricated significant portions of his life story, including basic facts about his career and education. Despite the uproar, Santos managed to secure his seat. However, his troubles were far from over. A year into his term, Santos now faces expulsion due to a litany of alleged crimes, ethical violations, and financial misconduct. This article delves into the events leading up to this critical moment, examining the damning ethics report that has shaken both Santos’s colleagues and the public.

The Initial Scandal and Ongoing Investigations

When news broke that Santos had fabricated his life story, it caused a firestorm of controversy. The revelations, uncovered by diligent reporting from The New York Times and its team of journalists, exposed Santos’s false claims about his career on Wall Street and his purported success as a businessman. Federal investigators at the Department of Justice opened an inquiry, and the House Ethics Committee launched a parallel investigation. Despite these mounting challenges, Santos remained steadfast, maintaining his innocence and vowing to serve his constituents.

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The Expulsion Efforts and the Concerns of Democrats

Early attempts to expel Santos failed to gain traction due to concerns from both Democrats and Republicans. Democrats, in particular, were wary of setting a dangerous precedent by removing a member of Congress based solely on news reports and accusations. They argued for patience, urging their colleagues to wait for the evidence to emerge from the ongoing criminal case and ethics investigation. However, the release of a damning ethics report just before Thanksgiving shifted the dynamics significantly.

The Damning Ethics Report and its Findings

The House Ethics Committee’s report, the culmination of months of investigative work, lays out a comprehensive theory of the case against Congressman Santos. It concludes that there is substantial evidence indicating that Santos violated both House Ethics rules and criminal law. The report alleges that Santos sought to fraudulently exploit every aspect of his candidacy for personal financial gain. It details how Santos used his fabricated image as a successful businessman to solicit funds from donors, which he then funneled back to himself through various means. The report also exposes how Santos diverted campaign funds for personal expenses, including luxury shopping trips, spa treatments, and even payments to the website OnlyFans.

The Impact on House Members and the Impending Vote

The release of the ethics report has had a profound impact on House members from both parties. Democrats, who were initially hesitant to remove Santos, now feel emboldened by the formal findings of the committee. They view the evidence as compelling and are ready to vote for expulsion. Several prominent Republicans have also changed their stance, publicly stating their support for expulsion. However, the vote remains uncertain, as expulsion requires a two-thirds majority, a high bar to clear. While some Republicans are concerned about losing a member of their narrow majority, others recognize the severity of the allegations against Santos and are willing to vote for expulsion.

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Santos’s Response and the Potential Consequences

In response to the impending vote, Santos lashed out at his colleagues, calling them hypocrites and felons. He expects to be expelled and has even declared it a “badge of honor.” However, his announcement that he will not seek re-election in 2024 indicates a significant shift in his position. While it may be an attempt to preempt expulsion, Santos has not promised to resign, suggesting that he intends to remain in office as long as possible.


The upcoming vote on Congressman Santos’s expulsion represents a critical juncture in American politics. The House Ethics Committee’s damning report has laid bare a pattern of fabrication, fraud, and financial misconduct. The decision to expel Santos will send a powerful message about the standards of conduct expected from elected officials. If the vote fails, it will raise questions about the willingness of Congress to hold its members accountable for their actions. The outcome of this vote will shape the future of Congressman Santos’s career and may redefine the boundaries of acceptable behavior for politicians in the United States.

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