Lenny Hochstein Claims Estranged Wife’s Allegations of Domestic Violence Caused Financial Losses for His Plastic Surgery Practice

12 January 2024

Plastic surgeon Lenny Hochstein accuses Lisa Hochstein of a calculated plan to destroy his reputation and businesses through false domestic violence allegations.

Renowned plastic surgeon Lenny Hochstein, popularly known as the “boob god,” has filed court documents in his ongoing divorce case against his estranged wife, Lisa Hochstein. Lenny alleges that Lisa’s “egregious” claims of domestic violence have caused significant financial losses for his Miami-based plastic surgery practice. He asserts that her actions were part of a deliberate plan to publicly humiliate him and tarnish his reputation. Lenny is seeking sanctions against Lisa and a gag order to prevent further defamation and harassment.

Lisa’s Allegations and Lenny’s Financial Losses

In November 2023, Lisa Hochstein posted a mirror selfie on her Instagram Stories, revealing what appeared to be a large bruise on her arm. Accompanying the image, Lisa claimed that she was being threatened and harassed by Lenny through the court system and others. She alleged that the bruise was from a domestic violence incident that occurred weeks prior. These allegations prompted a swift response from Lenny, who vehemently denied the accusations.

Lenny claims that Lisa’s public allegations have had a detrimental impact on his plastic surgery practice. He states that he has suffered significant financial losses, amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars, since Lisa went public with her claims. These losses have compelled Lenny to argue that Lisa can no longer expect the same level of financial support she had been accustomed to during their marriage.

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Lenny’s Defamation Lawsuit and Gag Order Request

In addition to the divorce proceedings, Lenny has filed a defamation lawsuit against Lisa. He asserts that her false allegations of domestic violence have tarnished his professional reputation and caused harm to his businesses. Lenny believes that Lisa’s actions were part of a calculated plan to destroy his reputation and publicly humiliate him.

As part of his legal strategy, Lenny is requesting the court to impose a gag order on Lisa. This order would prohibit her from making any further defamatory statements or engaging in harassment. Lenny argues that such an order is necessary to protect his reputation and prevent any additional damage to his personal and professional life.

Lisa’s Response and Lenny’s Counterclaims

Lisa Hochstein has not yet responded to Lenny’s recent court filings. However, in previous social media posts, she has accused Lenny of harassment and claimed that he has been unfaithful during their marriage. Lenny, in turn, has publicly accused Lisa of cheating on him during their relationship, including during significant milestones such as their daughter’s birth and their 10-year wedding anniversary.


The ongoing divorce battle between Lenny Hochstein and Lisa Hochstein has taken a contentious turn with Lenny’s claims that Lisa’s allegations of domestic violence have caused substantial financial losses for his plastic surgery practice. Lenny’s request for sanctions and a gag order reflects his determination to protect his reputation and businesses from what he perceives as a calculated plan to destroy him. As the legal proceedings continue, the outcome of this high-profile divorce case will undoubtedly have lasting implications for both parties involved.

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