“The Boys” Star Erin Moriarty Responds to Megyn Kelly’s Plastic Surgery Claims

29 January 2024

Moriarty addresses Kelly’s remarks in an Instagram post, calling them false and misogynistic

Erin Moriarty, known for her role in the hit series “The Boys,” has spoken out against former Fox News host Megyn Kelly’s recent claims that she had undergone plastic surgery. In a lengthy Instagram post, Moriarty addressed Kelly’s remarks, calling them “disgustingly false” and expressing her shock at the widespread nature of the accusations. This incident highlights the impact of online bullying and the importance of addressing false narratives in the media.

Kelly’s comments and their impact

During an episode of her podcast, “The Megyn Kelly Show,” Kelly discussed Moriarty’s appearance, speculating about plastic surgery and expressing her disapproval. She referred to a viral Instagram photo of Moriarty, which sparked a debate among users about whether the actress had undergone cosmetic procedures. Moriarty was unaware of the photo’s popularity at the time due to personal challenges she was facing.

Moriarty’s response and debunking the accusations

In her Instagram post, Moriarty expressed her horror at Kelly’s remarks and the subsequent backlash she faced. She clarified that the “before” photo used as a comparison by Kelly was taken over a decade ago and involved professional makeup and contouring. Moriarty emphasized that the accusations were “utterly misinformed” and called out the harassment and false news surrounding the situation.

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Impact on Moriarty and her decision to leave Instagram

Moriarty revealed that she has been deeply affected by the allegations and the verbal abuse she has endured. She announced her decision to leave Instagram, citing the horrific nature of the allegations and the toll it has taken on her mental well-being. Moriarty’s departure from the platform highlights the damaging consequences of online harassment and the need for platforms to address and prevent such behavior.

Previous experiences with internet trolls

This is not the first time Moriarty has faced online criticism and addressed internet trolls. In September 2022, she shared a post expressing her paralysis in the face of fan criticism. “The Boys” creator, Eric Kripke, also condemned fans who mocked Moriarty’s appearance, emphasizing the importance of kindness and the impact of hurtful comments on real people.


Erin Moriarty’s response to Megyn Kelly’s plastic surgery claims sheds light on the damaging effects of online bullying and the spread of false narratives. The incident serves as a reminder of the responsibility media figures have in promoting accurate information and the importance of supporting individuals facing harassment. Moriarty’s decision to leave Instagram underscores the need for platforms to prioritize user safety and combat toxic behavior. As society continues to grapple with the consequences of online interactions, it is crucial to foster a culture of empathy, respect, and accountability.

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