Local Medical Spa Offers Free Healthcare Services to the Uninsured

24 December 2023

House of Contour in Southfield, Michigan, provides accessible healthcare options for those without insurance.

In an effort to address the healthcare needs of the uninsured, a local medical spa in Southfield, Michigan, is offering free services such as lab work, vital sign monitoring, and vaginal PH checks. The House of Contour, owned by registered nurse Stormie Anderson, aims to make healthcare more accessible to the community by providing these essential services. Inspired by her experience volunteering with the City of Detroit, Anderson recognized the need for early detection of medical issues among the uninsured population. Now, she is offering Metro Detroiters an alternative in the form of her medical spa.

Filling the Gap in Uninsured Healthcare

Anderson’s decision to offer free healthcare services at her medical spa stems from her observation that many uninsured individuals were unaware of their medical conditions due to the high cost of visiting a doctor. By providing services such as lab work and vital sign monitoring, Anderson hopes to catch signs and symptoms early, enabling individuals to seek appropriate treatment. This initiative aims to bridge the gap in healthcare access for the uninsured population.

A Welcoming Environment for Comprehensive Care

The House of Contour offers a unique environment where individuals can receive a range of services while also addressing their healthcare needs. Clients who visit for cosmetic treatments, such as teeth whitening, can also have their blood pressure and cholesterol levels checked. This comprehensive approach ensures that individuals receive a holistic assessment of their health, even if they initially sought out cosmetic treatments.

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A Personalized Approach to Healthcare

One of the key aspects of the House of Contour’s approach is the personalized care provided by Anderson. Clients appreciate her ability to create a comfortable and open space where they can discuss their health concerns freely. Tavia Carmack, one of Anderson’s clients, expresses her satisfaction with the personalized care, stating that Anderson makes her feel at ease and encourages open communication.

Collaboration with the Community

Anderson’s commitment to providing accessible healthcare extends beyond the walls of her medical spa. She actively collaborates with the City of Detroit and other community organizations to raise awareness about the importance of early detection and preventive care. By partnering with local initiatives, Anderson aims to reach a wider audience and make a greater impact on the health of the community.

Empowering the Uninsured

The House of Contour’s initiative not only addresses the immediate healthcare needs of the uninsured but also empowers individuals to take charge of their health. By offering services that are otherwise financially out of reach for many, Anderson is enabling individuals to become proactive in managing their well-being. This empowerment can lead to better health outcomes and a more informed approach to healthcare.


The House of Contour in Southfield, Michigan, is breaking barriers by offering free healthcare services to the uninsured. By providing essential services such as lab work, vital sign monitoring, and vaginal PH checks, owner Stormie Anderson aims to make healthcare more accessible to the community. This initiative not only fills the gap in uninsured healthcare but also creates a welcoming and personalized environment where individuals can receive comprehensive care. By collaborating with the community and empowering the uninsured, Anderson is making a significant impact on the health and well-being of Metro Detroiters.

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