Nicole Richie Shares Her Skincare and Life Rules

28 December 2023

Nicole Richie, known for her iconic Y2K beauty looks, has evolved her approach to beauty and skincare over the years. As the face of Relevant: Your Skin Seen’s cosmetics collection, Richie embraces a skin-care-first approach and advocates for all-natural, clean products. In this interview, she shares her top skincare rules, beauty secrets from her sister Sofia, reflections on her past makeup looks, and advice for maintaining lifelong friendships.

Skincare Rules:

Richie’s number one skincare rule is to wash her face with cold water. She acknowledges that she should wear sunscreen more often but tends to forget. Growing up with a Southern mother, Richie was never allowed to leave the house without lotion on, a rule she still follows religiously. She emphasizes the importance of hydration, drawing inspiration from her edible garden and how water revitalizes plants. Richie believes that we can learn valuable lessons about self-care from nature.

Beauty Secrets from Sofia:

Sofia Richie introduced Nicole to lash lifts and tints, a treatment she now swears by for a fresh and awake look. Sofia also taught Nicole how to make her own toner, although Nicole admits she hasn’t been successful in recreating it.

Reflections on Past Makeup Looks:

Nicole Richie reminisces about her iconic Y2K beauty looks during her time on “The Simple Life.” She mentions the trend of drawing bottom lashes with eyeliner, a look she loved at the time but wouldn’t recreate now. She also reflects on her obsession with long, straight hair and extensions, which eventually led to hair damage. Through the process of repairing her hair, Richie fell in love with her natural curls and learned to embrace them.

Maintaining Lifelong Friendships:

Nicole Richie shares her advice for nurturing lifelong friendships, highlighting the importance of allowing space for growth and evolution while cherishing the qualities that initially brought friends together.

Parenting and Life Lessons:

As a mother, Richie observes that the most impactful lessons are not taught through words but through actions. She emphasizes the importance of being polite, kind, and gracious to everyone, regardless of their role.

Dinner Party Etiquette:

Nicole Richie loves hosting dinner parties and believes in creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. She insists on having a comfortable temperature, encouraging guests to take off their jackets and enjoy themselves fully.

Canceling Plans:

Richie admits to canceling plans frequently, but her long-standing friendships have allowed her the flexibility to do so. She appreciates when others cancel plans, as it gives her the opportunity to enjoy a cozy night at home.

Giving Advice:

Richie’s number one rule for giving advice is to wait until it’s sought after. She believes that listening can be just as helpful as offering advice, and it’s essential to assess whether advice is truly needed.

Discovering Alter Egos:

Nicole Richie’s alter ego, Nikki Fre$h, was born from her love of gardening and ’90s hip-hop music. She emphasizes that writing a good rap song comes from the heart and encourages individuals to tap into their passions to discover their own alter egos.


Nicole Richie’s journey through skincare, beauty, and life lessons showcases her growth and evolution. From her skincare routine to reflections on past beauty trends, Richie’s approach emphasizes self-care, embracing natural beauty, and nurturing lifelong friendships. Her alter ego, Nikki Fre$h, exemplifies the importance of pursuing passions and finding creative outlets. As Richie continues to explore new ventures, her rules for living a fulfilling life serve as inspiration for her fans and followers.

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