Obayaty: The New Beauty Line Redefining Male Grooming

5 December 2023

Renowned industry figures support Obayaty, a groundbreaking beauty line designed specifically for men, offering color cosmetics and skincare products.

In a groundbreaking move, a group of influential creative industry figures, including renowned songwriters and producers Max Martin and Savan Kotecha, have thrown their support behind Obayaty, a new beauty line that aims to redefine male grooming. Unlike traditional male-focused skincare lines, Obayaty goes beyond the basics, offering bold shades of color cosmetics alongside skin-perfecting products. With its direct-to-consumer launch tomorrow, as well as partnerships with Selfridges and e-tailer Voo Store, Obayaty is set to make a significant impact in the male beauty market.

Challenging the Male Beauty Market

The male beauty sector, estimated to be worth $150 billion by investment firm Bernstein, has yet to witness a singular brand commanding a significant market share. Last month, the men’s skincare line Disco filed for bankruptcy, highlighting the challenges faced by male-focused beauty brands. However, Obayaty’s founders remain undeterred, seeing an opportunity to create behavioral change in cultural attitudes towards male beauty. Lajjo Strand, the chief operations officer, believes that societal progress has paved the way for men to embrace grooming practices, moving away from traditional notions of masculinity.

A Strategic Wholesale Launch

Obayaty’s wholesale launch strategy is targeted at stores deeply rooted in contemporary fashion and culture. The brand has chosen a global rollout, focusing on “big, progressive” cities such as Berlin, London, and New York, which are perceived to have a better market fit for Obayaty. The founders, although new to the beauty industry, bring valuable experience from their respective fields. Strand’s digital marketing background from H&M and Daniel Wellington, along with Pontus Frankenstein’s creative direction expertise, ensure a well-rounded approach to brand development.

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Designing for Male Engagement

Obayaty’s design is a key element of its strategy to entice men to engage with the products. The sleek, predominantly metal packaging is aimed at encouraging men to touch and experiment with the cosmetics. The founders believe that by creating a visually appealing and tactile experience, they can lower the threshold for men to explore beauty products. Additionally, Obayaty’s emphasis on refillable products aligns with sustainability efforts, appealing to environmentally-conscious consumers.

Backed by Industry Experts

Obayaty has garnered support from industry heavyweights, including Max Martin and Savan Kotecha, who have invested in the brand. Their involvement, along with the backing of venture capital fund CC.VC, which focuses on climate-related initiatives, ensures Obayaty’s financial stability and growth potential. The brand’s founders believe that by making beauty more accessible to men, they can foster competence, confidence, and ultimately, behavior change.


Obayaty’s entry into the male beauty market represents a significant milestone in challenging societal norms and redefining traditional notions of masculinity. With the support of high-profile industry figures and a strategic approach to product design and marketing, Obayaty has the potential to revolutionize the male grooming industry. By offering a comprehensive range of color cosmetics and skincare products, the brand aims to empower men to embrace their individuality and express themselves through beauty. As cultural attitudes continue to evolve, Obayaty’s bold gambit may pave the way for a new era of male self-care and grooming practices.

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