Quincy Family YMCA to Permanently Close Pool, Focus on Facility Renovations

1 December 2023

Financial Challenges and Lifeguard Shortage Lead to Closure Decision

The Quincy Family YMCA in Quincy, Illinois, has announced its decision to permanently close its pool on December 31. The closure comes as a result of the pool requiring costly repairs and updates, amounting to $3.5 million, as well as experiencing an annual operating loss of over $120,000. Additionally, a shortage of lifeguards, a problem faced by YMCAs nationwide, has further limited the pool’s operating hours. With the declining usage of the pool by members over time, the decision was deemed necessary by the organization’s leadership.

Financial Challenges and Operating Loss

The Quincy Family YMCA’s pool has been facing financial challenges for some time. The required repairs and updates, estimated at $3.5 million, have been a significant burden on the organization’s budget. These expenses, coupled with an annual operating loss of over $120,000, have made it increasingly difficult for the YMCA to sustain the pool’s operations. The decision to close the pool was made in light of these financial constraints, with the aim of utilizing resources more responsibly.

Lifeguard Shortage and Reduced Hours

One of the key factors contributing to the closure of the Quincy Family YMCA pool is the nationwide shortage of lifeguards. This shortage has affected YMCAs across the country, resulting in reduced operating hours and increased challenges in maintaining a safe environment for pool users. The Quincy YMCA has also been impacted by this shortage, leading to a decrease in the number of hours the pool can be open. The decision to close the pool permanently takes into account the difficulty in ensuring adequate lifeguard coverage and prioritizes the safety of YMCA members.

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Member Usage and Decline Over Time

Member usage of the pool at the Quincy Family YMCA has gradually declined over the years. This decline in demand has contributed to the financial struggles faced by the organization in operating the pool. Factors such as changing member preferences, availability of other aquatic facilities in the area, and the rising popularity of alternative fitness activities have all played a role in the decreased usage. The decision to close the pool reflects the need to allocate resources effectively and respond to the changing needs and interests of YMCA members.

Relocation Plans and Facility Renovations

In light of the pool closure, the Quincy Family YMCA has developed plans to repurpose the space and enhance its existing facilities. The organization intends to relocate its wellness center from the basement to the area previously occupied by the pool. This move aims to provide wellness center users with more convenient access to their desired services. Additionally, the YMCA plans to relocate its child care services to the lower level, creating more space for the activities offered in their After School and Day Out programs. These renovations will not only improve the overall facility but also enable the YMCA to serve a greater number of children.

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The decision to permanently close the pool at the Quincy Family YMCA was not taken lightly. The financial challenges, lifeguard shortage, and declining member usage all contributed to the responsible choice made by the organization’s leadership. By repurposing the pool space and focusing on facility renovations, the Quincy YMCA aims to better serve its members and adapt to their changing needs. This decision underscores the YMCA’s commitment to responsible resource allocation and ensuring the safety and satisfaction of its members.

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