Rep. George Santos Allegedly Misused Campaign Funds for Personal Expenses

24 November 2023

House ethics committee report reveals Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.) spent campaign funds on beauty treatments, designer items, and personal debts.

Embattled Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.) is facing further scrutiny as a House ethics committee report released on Thursday alleges that he misused campaign funds for personal expenses. The report accuses Santos of spending money raised for his House campaign on beauty treatments, makeup, designer items, and to pay down his personal credit card debt. This new revelation adds to Santos’ existing federal indictment for conspiracy and wire fraud. The report recommends Santos for prosecution by the Department of Justice and raises questions about his trustworthiness. Santos has announced that he will not seek re-election and may face expulsion from the House before his term ends.

Botox and Spa Treatments

The committee’s report highlights Santos’ alleged expenditure of campaign funds on Botox and unspecified spa treatments. The report states that Santos spent thousands of dollars on Botox injections, often used for cosmetic purposes, as well as for medical reasons. Additionally, the report mentions charges at Sephora, a popular beauty retailer. While some spa-related expenses couldn’t be verified as campaign-related, the report cites $2,900 spent at spas denoted as “Botox” in spreadsheets provided by Santos’ former treasurer. The congressman also allegedly sent over $1,000 to an esthetician associated with a spa in Rhinebeck, New York, but the purpose of the payment remains undisclosed.

Luxury Brand Shopping

Santos’ spending habits allegedly extended to luxury brands, with the report noting a $4,000 expenditure at Hermès, a renowned designer known for its high-end accessories. The report suggests that Santos frequently flaunted luxury brands such as Ray-Ban, Ferragamo, and Cartier. Additionally, a former roommate accused him of stealing a Burberry scarf and wearing it to a “Stop the Steal” rally in Washington, D.C. in 2021.

OnlyFans Subscriptions

The report mentions that Santos used a portion of campaign funds to purchase subscriptions on OnlyFans, a website where users can pay creators directly for content. While the report does not specify the amount spent, it notes that many creators on the platform sell adult content and pornography.

Unpaid Campaign Staffer and False Claims

The report delves into Santos’ interactions with campaign staffers, including allegations that he failed to pay a campaign staffer for eight months. It also addresses false claims made by Santos, including his assertion that he owned a Maserati, which the report refutes.


Rep. George Santos’ alleged misuse of campaign funds for personal expenses, as detailed in the House ethics committee report, has further tarnished his reputation. The report suggests a pattern of lavish spending and raises questions about Santos’ trustworthiness. With a federal indictment already pending, Santos’ decision not to seek re-election and the possibility of expulsion from the House loom over his political career. The report serves as a reminder of the importance of ethical conduct and financial transparency in political campaigns. Whether Santos will face prosecution and further consequences remains to be seen.

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