Rep. George Santos Interviewed on Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update

22 November 2023

Santos responds to damning House Ethics Committee report and announces decision not to seek re-election

In a recent episode of Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update, Rep. George Santos (played by Bowen Yang) was interviewed in the wake of a damning House Ethics Committee report and his decision not to run for re-election in 2024. The report revealed that Santos had allegedly misused campaign funds for personal expenses, including OnlyFans subscriptions and Botox treatments. The interview provided a platform for Santos to respond to the allegations and showcase his unique brand of humor.

1: A dismissive response to the allegations

Santos began the interview with a dismissive attitude towards the allegations, comparing Congress to OnlyFans and suggesting that politicians are paid to engage in unsavory activities. This response set the tone for a lively and confrontational exchange between Santos and co-anchor Colin Jost.

2: A web of lies and comedic antics

As Jost pressed Santos for answers, the congressman continued to deflect and deceive. At one point, Santos pretended to receive a phone call about participating in a follow-up to the iconic 2001 cover of “Lady Marmalade.” Jost called out Santos for his dishonesty, but the congressman remained unfazed, even going so far as to pretend to have a conversation with Martha Stewart about Thanksgiving plans.

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3: Santos’ claim of being misunderstood

Throughout the interview, Santos maintained that his actions were misunderstood and that his comedic antics were simply a way to cope with the scrutiny he faced. He argued that Jost and the public would miss him once he left office, suggesting that his controversial behavior had provided entertainment value.

4: The impact of the interview

Santos’ appearance on Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update highlighted the intersection of politics and entertainment. While some viewers may have found his antics amusing, others may have been dismayed by his dismissive attitude towards serious allegations. The interview also raised questions about the role of satire in holding politicians accountable and the potential for public figures to use humor as a shield.


Rep. George Santos’ interview on Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update served as a platform for the congressman to respond to the recent House Ethics Committee report and announce his decision not to seek re-election. Santos’ dismissive attitude and comedic antics during the interview showcased his unique approach to handling controversy. However, the interview also raised questions about the line between entertainment and politics, and the role of satire in holding public figures accountable. As Santos exits the political stage, his appearance on SNL will be remembered as a moment that blurred the boundaries between politics and comedy.

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