Rudy Giuliani’s Legal Woes: A Comprehensive Look at His Ongoing Court Cases

25 December 2023

From defamation lawsuits to criminal charges, Rudy Giuliani faces a multitude of legal battles that could have significant consequences for his future.

Rudy Giuliani, once renowned as a prominent lawyer and former mayor of New York City, has found himself at the center of numerous legal problems. From defamation lawsuits to criminal charges, Giuliani’s legal battles seem to be never-ending. Recently, he filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy following a jury verdict that found him liable for defaming two Georgia election workers. This article provides an in-depth analysis of Giuliani’s ongoing court cases, ranking them based on the level of threat they pose to him.

The $2 million grocery store employee lawsuit

In 2022, Giuliani got into a confrontation with a grocery store employee on Staten Island while campaigning for his son’s failed gubernatorial campaign. The employee sued Giuliani for defamation and false arrest, alleging that Giuliani made false claims about the incident. While the lawsuit awaits a decision from the judge, Giuliani represents himself in the case.

The blueberry farmers and a Ukraine film

During his time as Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, Giuliani raised funds for a documentary in Ukraine about Joe and Hunter Biden. Two California farmers who invested $1 million in the project sued Giuliani for not delivering the promised documentary. The lawsuit is ongoing.

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Hunter Biden’s laptop

Giuliani has been vocal about the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop, attempting to tie it to President Joe Biden. In response, Hunter Biden filed a lawsuit against Giuliani, accusing him of hacking and tampering with his data. The lawsuit raises First Amendment issues and is still in the early stages of litigation.

Unpaid legal bills

Giuliani hired a law firm to represent him in criminal investigations related to his 2020 election interference efforts. However, the firm filed a lawsuit claiming Giuliani never paid the full amount owed. Giuliani argues that he had a separate agreement with another attorney. The resolution of this lawsuit is yet to be determined.


After the 2020 election, Giuliani falsely claimed that Dominion, a technology company, rigged the election results. Dominion sued Giuliani for defamation, and while Fox News settled with Dominion, Giuliani’s separate lawsuit remains pending. Despite filing for bankruptcy, Dominion plans to hold Giuliani accountable.


Smartmatic, another technology company, sued Giuliani, Fox News, and Sidney Powell in one lawsuit, seeking substantial damages. Smartmatic successfully reinstated some claims against Giuliani, leaving him little room to maneuver. The case may go to trial in 2025.

Noelle Dunphy

Dunphy filed a lawsuit against Giuliani, accusing him of sexual abuse and failure to pay promised salary. The allegations in this lawsuit are personal and damaging, with vivid details. Giuliani’s reputation has already suffered due to his false claims about the 2020 election, and Dunphy’s lawsuit could further tarnish it.

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The Georgia election workers – Part I

Two Georgia election workers, Ruby Freeman and Wandrea “Shaye” Moss, won a $148 million verdict against Giuliani for defamation. The judge allowed them to enforce the judgment on an expedited schedule, given Giuliani’s past attempts to evade accountability. This case prompted Giuliani to file for bankruptcy.

The Georgia election workers – Part II

Following their victory in the first case, Freeman and Moss sued Giuliani again, seeking additional defamation damages. If the jury decides that the previous $75 million in punitive damages was insufficient, Giuliani could face even more significant financial consequences.

Unindicted co-conspirator No. 1

While Giuliani’s civil lawsuits may result in substantial financial liabilities, criminal cases pose a more significant threat. Giuliani is referred to as “Co-conspirator 1” in the indictment against Donald Trump for election interference. The special counsel plans to bring Trump to trial, and Giuliani’s role in the alleged fraudulent lawsuits could lead to criminal charges against him.

The Fulton County criminal case

Giuliani is already a defendant in Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ election interference racketeering case. Alongside Trump, Giuliani faces numerous criminal counts. Some of his co-defendants have already cooperated with prosecutors, making the case riskier for Giuliani. The outcome of this case could have severe consequences for him.

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Rudy Giuliani’s legal problems continue to mount, with a range of ongoing court cases that span defamation lawsuits and criminal charges. While some lawsuits may result in significant financial liabilities, others could lead to criminal consequences. Giuliani’s reputation has already suffered due to his false claims about the 2020 election, and these legal battles further tarnish his legacy. The outcomes of these cases will determine the extent of the impact on Giuliani’s personal and professional life.

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